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Fair Board Plans A Fair To Remember for 100 Anniversary


It ‘s been a few weeks since the Morgan County Fair and the fair board has had some time to decompress and get reacquainted with their families. With all the work that goes into delivering the fair you would think that they would take time off to rest and relax, but the fair board is already in the thick of planning for next year. Literally thousands of volunteer hours go into the preparation of the fair each year and in running the events at the fair. The fair board this year was made up of Kris Krammer as chair, Kris-e Snyder, Megan Wilkinson, Mynon Deru, Dave Henry, Kim Turner, Amanda Horrocks, Sandey Jorgansen, and Cindee Mikesell. This team of dedicated volunteers shepherd the fair and all of the activities and experiences contained in the week into shape and help assure a good experience. Sitting down with the fair board is like sitting down with family. There is a comfort in their interactions just like you might find around the family dinner table. They joke, laugh, and work together as old friends. As the board considered the Fair this year they had many things to talk about. They were very pleased with the turnout and support from the county. When asked what was most memorable to them, they turned immediately to their families. Many of the family members of the fair board participated. Some spent most of the week volunteering, and many of these individuals don ‘t even live in the county. There were fond stories of one of the sisters of a board member who served in the office all day. She had planned to only work for a few hours. After about nine hours in the office she called and said she really needed a break for bathroom, and a drink. In the busy schedule of helping those at the fair have an enjoyable time her relief had been tied up and she had just worked straight through without complaint. One of the other board members has an aunt who has been volunteering for many years. Her aunt lives outside the county, but loves the fair so much that she takes time off work each year to serve. It is this spirit of service that permeates the board, their family, and the many volunteers from the community that make the fair a success. One of the most well attended events this year was the Jr. Rodeo. The board had taken a risk on the cost of the Jr. Rodeo. The risk paid off as this event became one of the most well attended. Interest was so high that participants stayed until past 1:00 a.m. for the chance to participate. The board was most pleased with the JR Rodeo, the Livestock Sale, the Ranch Rodeo, many of the children ‘s events. These events were well attended and those attending seemed to really enjoy the experience. The fair board was happy to see that participation in the JR Rodeo extended beyond the traditional cowboy youth. Many youth who would normally be found on soccer fields or riding motorcycles joined in and had a great experience. The bouncy toys were also a hit. Parents had to literally pull some of the kids away before they collapsed from exhaustion. Surprisingly, the Wii Rock Band was not very well attended. Although there are likely households staying up into the wee hours of the morning playing this game there seemed to be few county residents willing to display their talents in public. The quilt auction this year was during the peak of the rainstorm and was not as well attended as See Fair on Page 3 in past years. The board hopes to improve on this experience next year by ensuring that there is more visibility to the work and beauty of these quilts and that those attending understand that the proceeds of the auction are used to improve the fairgrounds. The Mini Moto was a hit and had many participants. The board hopes to perhaps add BMX to the events next year. One of the best parts of the fair continues to be the food. From stacks of fries, to chicken, to elephant ear scones and delicious breakfast burritos, no one went away hungry. Some individuals came just to enjoy the food. One of the sons of the board members wanted his mother to take him at 6:00 a.m. just so he could have one of the delicious burritos to start his day. When talking about this year ‘s experience the board could not help but look forward to what they wanted for next year. Next year will be the 100 year anniversary of the fair and the board is hoping for a fair to meet the challenge of the centennial. The board hopes that next year they can expand the Jr. Rodeo, they would like to have fireworks, they hope for more events, and are determined to have at least 100 entries in the parade. Their excitement is palpable as they talk about what they can do. The talk ranged from providing a BMX experience to having a trout pond where kids can wade in and catch the fish with their hands. The more the group talked, the more it was clear that the only limit on the fair next year will be the volunteers needed to help it succeed. The fair board is looking for volunteers. To have a successful fair experience, work needs to begin now. If anyone has ideas for what they would like to see at the fair next year, now is the time to suggest it. The board particularly needs individuals with technical skills and those willing to help with coordinating fund raising. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer. Assignments for volunteers are normally based on those areas where they have passion or interest. Do you have some time and an interest in livestock? There is a place for you. Interested in mini-moto? There is also room for volunteers. Want to work on kid ‘s games? You are welcome. Wherever your area of interest there is a need. If you have an interest in volunteering or have ideas for the fair contact any of the fair board members, or send an email to morgancountyfair@gmail.com . The fair board also hopes to have a website up and running by the end of this year to keep residents informed of the progress and give reminders of the preparation needed for some of the exhibits and events. Keep eyes peeled at MorganFair.com. The Fair Board has the thanks of the county for a great fair this year and for the countless hours they spent in helping this years fair be great. The best thanks everyone in the county can give to them, however, is help in providing ideas and willing hands for next year ‘s fair. The fair will be from Jul 28 to August 5, 2011. See you at the fair next year. Get involved over the coming months and help to make next years fair the best the county has ever seen.

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