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Morgan County School District Teacher Profile – Part 3


The Morgan County News is spotlighting the new teachers in The Morgan County Schools. This is the third of three weeks of the profiles. We hope you get to know the people that teach your children. Jennifer Crowton Mountain Green Elementary Jennifer Crowton is a graduate of Weber State University with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She has been teaching third graders for the past four years in the Weber County School District, and she recently returned to Weber State University and received a Master ‘s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Crowton was born in Fresno, California, but grew up in Clearfield, Utah and graduated from Clearfield High School. She married Ryan Crowton, and they are parents to five wonderful children.  Her oldest is Bridger and he is in seventh grade at Morgan Middle School. Her daughter, Savannah is in the fifth grade and son, Kaleb is in third grade at Mountain Green Elementary. Her daughter, Sydnee is almost five and loves going to kindergarten. Noah is the youngest, and he is two years old. The Crowtons currently live in South Ogden but they are building a home in Stoddard. Jennifer describes herself as very adventurous and says she loves to travel. Some of her favorite places to travel have been New York, Florida, and Mexico. She also loves horseback riding and going on a cattle drive in Loa, Utah was one of her favorite traveling adventures. She also enjoys reading in her spare time, and her favorite genres in books are biographies and historical fiction. Crowton also loves to do anything related to sports and her favorites are basketball, snow and waterskiing, and swimming. She comes to Mountain Green Elementary excited to teach second grade!  She says that she loves to teach children to read and she is dedicated to teaching them the love of learning and the love of books. She has a lifelong love for learning and she wants to instill this in her students as well. Ultimately, she would like to see her students be successful in anything that they choose to do in life. Jennilyn Rogers Morgan Middle School Math Teacher Jennilyn Rogers received her degree in Elementary Education and a Middle School Math Endorsement from Weber State University. She is originally from West Warren, Utah and she is transferring to Morgan from Orion Junior High in Harrisville. She said that she is, thrilled to teach in Morgan,  and that her experience in Morgan here has been wonderful. What a great community!  Rogers is very close to her family. She has two sisters and two brothers and that her parents are both exceptionally strong and supportive people. She also said that she is very close to her grandparents. She is currently living with her sister, Jill and her husband, Eddie Hatch. She has an interesting hobby of collecting bouncy balls and owns a dog named, Mitzi. She also enjoys participating in sports and taking part in activities involving music. Chad McLean Mountain High School Director of Bands Chad McLean received his degree in Music Education, Instrumental at Weber State University. He is transferring to Morgan from Lincoln Academy in Pleasant Grove and is excited and looking forward to building a great band program here. McLean spends his spare time with his wife, Angela. They have been married for 11 years and have two boys; Connor who is seven and Joseph who is two. Their family enjoys going on walks together, playing at the park, or just relaxing in the backyard. . Teri Richins 4th Grade Teacher Morgan Elementary Teri Richins graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. She taught the third grade at Morgan Elementary for 4 years and then took some time off to raise her children. While she was raising her children, she substituted at the elementary and middle schools. She is now back teaching half days in the fourth grade with Debbie Carter. I am a native of Morgan. She is married to Jeffery Richins and they have five children; Carter, Caleb, Derek, Brynlee and Jaxon. Their family loves to travel together to spend time in the outdoors. Other things she likes to do in her spare time are reading, cooking, and watching movies. Teri Richins is excited to be back teaching. She first started teaching in August, 1994 and taught until May 1998. She is glad to be back because she loves getting to know the students in her class and hopes to instill in them a love of learning. Barbara Spencer Morgan Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Barbara Spencer graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Childhood Education with an Early Childhood Certificate. She also attended classes at Utah State and the University of Utah. She says that receiving her degree seems like only a few short years ago and that, I feel kind of silly being the ÷new ‘ teacher, since I am one of the oldest faculty members here in the elementary school!  Her career began at Washington Terrace Elementary School in Weber County. While she was student teaching there, she was planning her wedding, and her supervising teacher was so excited for her that she addressed all of her wedding invitations while she taught school! She taught there for four years with many talented people. She moved to Morgan when Jay Taggart was appointed Superintendent. He was the former Superintendent of Weber District, and they both left the Weber school district, along with Milan Mecham and Steve Carrigan the same year. He always teased her that he didn ‘t dare leave Weber and come to Morgan without back-up. She says that he has always been a great example and mentor to her throughout her career. She retired after 35 years in the classroom. She has taught kindergarten, first and second grades, and says she has, loved every moment of it!  She has been working in the elementary school office with the delightful  Karen Straw, and she has a deep appreciation of the working machine  that is the foundation for the teaching world. She says, Our school has been blessed to have great principals, secretaries, custodians, lunch ladies, librarians, and reading aides. There are amazing things happening at Morgan Elementary, and I am happy to be a part of it. I am honored to be a part of the kindergarten team, with Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Carpenter, and Mrs. Dicou. They are so great to work with and such fun!  She was born and raised in Morgan, graduating from Morgan High School. While at WSU she met and married her husband, Rod and they are going to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary soon. She says that Rod is busy working in the lighting business, but his favorite hobby is team roping. Even his grandkids call him ÷Ropin’ Rod ‘ and his friends call him ÷Rodeo Rod. ‘  She and her husband have four children. About her hobbies, she says, I think that being a grandma is probably the best hobby anyone could have. Our children and grandchildren are certainly the joy of our lives. It is great fun when they all come home, and we have competition around the piano, with everyone trying to out-do one another with a new song from the radio, or a tune that no one else can play. We love to play card games at night, even with the littlest ones. The kids also all love to cook, and they are always coming up with new recipes. I collect cook-books, but that is where it stops for me Óvery little cooking, lots of reading and cooking advice! I always told my kids that if they passed a diner that advertised ÷Mom ‘s cooking ‘ they should never stop and eat there!  She added that, It ‘s the ÷Spencer House of Confusion ‘ when everyone comes home, but we love it. We enjoy watching the kids play their ball games, and we love making traditions with them. We have several fall and Christmas traditions that keep getting bigger and better each year, as we gain new family members. Right now, life is a little piece of heaven. I feel blessed to have great neighbors, friends, co-workers, and a kindergarten class that is absolutely darling! Life is good!  Melissa Roundy Morgan Elementary Second Grade Teacher Melissa Roundy is from Evanston Wyoming and a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a focus in Culture and Diversity. Before coming to Morgan, she taught the second grade at Unita Meadows in Evanston. Roundy and her husband Josh moved to Morgan so that he could start a business with Edward Jones as a financial adviser. The Roundys have a nine month old son named Kolter. As a proud parent she says, He is the cutest little guy on the planet, or at least I think so.  She is excited about her opportunity to come to Morgan. She can feel the closeness of the community, and she is looking forward to being a part of that. Another positive aspect of the Morgan community that she has found is the support she sees that the parents give and how the parents are engaged in their student ‘s education. Melissa Roundy will be teaching the second grade at Morgan Elementary. Some things that she likes to do when not teaching are; she loves to water ski, especially at Lake Powell. She also loves reading and spending time with her family. Laura Wheeler Morgan Middle School Science Teacher Laura Wheeler graduated from Weber State in 1999 with a Bachelors Degree in Science and a Minor in History. She taught in the Davis School District from 1999-2002. She then took a break from teaching but has recently returned after eight years. She loves science and calls herself a science nerd.  She will be teaching seventh and eighth grade part time at Morgan Middle School. She and her husband, who is from Morgan, have five children. She says about her husband, He couldn ‘t bear the thought of raising his children anywhere else.  After eight years of living in Mountain Green, she comments, I am finally starting to realize who is related to whom.  Her children are soccer players and she is doing her part attending four soccer games a week and coaching one team. She loves sports and says, I will play anything anytime as long as I can win.  She recently ran the Ragnar with some ladies from Mountain Green on her team. She loves to read, cook, play games, and shop, shop, shop. She also says that when she grows up she wants to be an astrophysicist or Guy Fieri. Katy Sheanshang Mountain Green Elementary 3rd Grade Katy Sheanshang was born in Santa Monica, California, and when she was four years old, her family moved to Pleasant View, Utah to stay. Growing up, she never thought she would be a teacher. Before she decided she wanted to be a teacher, she had no idea what she wanted to do, however every time she took a career test, the result would always come back teacher.  She did not come to the same conclusion until her senior year in high school. During her senior year, her AP Calculus teacher told her that she would be a good math teacher. Her student government advisor told her the same thing. With those two endorsements, she thought she was making her final decision and was going to be a math teacher _that lasted for about one month. She realized at that point that even though she liked math, she didn ‘t want to teach it all day every day. That was when she decided to become an elementary school teacher so that she could teach all subjects. Sheanshang recently completed her qualifications to do just that by graduating from Utah State University with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and an Endorsement in Mathematics. She has come to Morgan for her first year of teaching, and she will be teaching the third grade. About coming to the Morgan area, she said, I have always thought that Mountain Green and Morgan [are] such pretty places and it [is] close to my family.  She says that she is excited to be teaching here in Morgan. She is hopeful that she will be able to make a difference, especially with each one of her third grade students.

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