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Scout Suggests River Walk


Dear Editor, My name is Grey Gallagher, I live in Peterson, and I am writing you this letter to fulfill a requirement for my Communication merit badge for the Boy Scouts of America program. One of the things I think that would make Morgan County a better place is a river walk. I would like to see it tie into the ogden river walk. It could start at the park in Morgan and go by Peterson, Mountain Green, then down the canyon. There are three reasons why I think this would be great. 1. We don’t have any sidewalks connecting the mouth of the canyon or any of the cities to morgan. 2. It would also be a lot safer for every one, mostly for the pedestrians and bikers who walk and ride along the narrow, hilly, curvy 40 mph back roads. 3. It would also just be a great way to have fun and enjoy the beautiful river scenery. The communities along the river could help fund this project. We might even be able to get state or federal funding as well. The Boy Scouts can use it as a way to get service project hours in for rank advancements and ultimately the rank of Eagle Scout. Thank you for your time and consideration. Grey Gallagher Peterson

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