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Former Morgan Resident Receives Bronze Star


Frank Snow moved to Morgan in 1982 and graduated from Morgan High School in 1988. After graduation he entered the military and was deployed to Iraq as a part of operation Iraqi Freedom. During his time serving in Iraq Snow distinguished himself for his service. The award reads, The President of the United States of America, authorized by Executive Order 11046, 24 August 1962, takes pleasure in presenting the Bronze Star Medal to Specialist Franklin O. Snow, United States Army, for exceptionally meritorious service as the Medical NCO, MiTT NOMAD (0421), 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 05-07 from 23 September 2005 to 1 September 2006. Specialist Snow’s actions contributed immeasurably to the success of building a free and democratic nation for the citizens of Iraq. Specialist Snow’s professionalism and commitment to excellence reflect great credit upon him, the 1st Brigade Combat Team, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Task Force BAND OF BROTHERS and the United States Army.  The citation further adds, Specialist Franklin O. Snow, United States Army, distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service to the United States as the Medical Advisor for MiTT NOMAD (0421) attached to the 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Forward Operating Base Gains-Mills, Iraq, from 23 September 2005 to 1 September 2006 in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Specialist Snow has played an instrumental role in developing Combat Medical Readiness in an ineffective IA Battalion. Using his abilities and experience from his career outside of the National Guard, he has built from only a hard stand building a Battalion Aid Station giving the Battalion the ability to treat casualties as well as hold daily sick call for the Battalion. He has also established a medical record tracking system and immunization record system between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Battalion. Specialist Snow has also been instrumental in establishing the Medical Platoon while conducting medical training on a daily basis and coordinating with higher headquarters and MOH to establish higher levels of training and medical supply lines. He has also established effective EVAC procedures to utilize the local Iraqi hospitals and medical resources in the local area. Specialist Snow has led the Platoon on over 35 major combat joint operations ensuring that they established effective CCPs. He also takes these opportunities to visit the local clinics and hospital establishing good relations with the local doctors and medical staffs, and has also assisted in the treatment of local residents in emergency situations which has proven to be an effective tool in winning hearts and minds. Along with 35 major joint operations, he has conducted over 175 combat patrols which led to the detainment of over 100 personnel conducting insurgent activities, 1 BDE HVI, as well as the discovery of the largest weapons cache in the northern sector to date. Specialist Snow has also used his skills obtained from being a contractor to build living quarters for the MiTT Team, storage facilities for the DFAC, housing for the Interpreters as well as many other projects for life support for the team. Specialist Snow’s contribution to the MiTT Team has been immeasurable making a better quality of life for the team and establishing a system of sustaining life that the IA Battalion can continue without Coalition support.  Snow says, I owe a lot to Coach Rock. I wrestled for him all 4 years of High School and he was tougher on me than the Army could ever be. I also want to give credit to my mother and stepfather for sending me tools to build our life sustaining structures. (I could not get them through the Army) I also had unconditional support from my wife Kristin.  Snow is now suffering from a life threatening illness from the “Burnpit” exposure, constrictive bronchiolitis, colon cancer, and lesions.

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