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County Council Notes October 5, 2010


County Council NotCouncil Members Attending: Rodney Haslam, Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, David Mathews Public Comment See Hatch Calls For Chairman ‘s Resignation in Government Section County Council Business Councilmember Sunday Ò A citizen, Cliff Jenkins, donated a piece of playground equipment to the Enterprise Park. She expressed appreciation to him on behalf of the council. She also reported on a work session at the Kent Smith Park. The group was able to replace 79 sprinkler heads. She expressed appreciation for those that helped. Member Lundgren Ò Reported that the striping on the road resurfacing projects will be done by Oct 20. Chairman Creager Ò See Creager Explains Day Timeline and Clashes with Hatch on page 6 Councilmember Haslam Ò See Haslam Resigns in Government Section Jann Farris Ò Justice Court Recertification The Justice Court must be recertified on an annual basis. The Justice court deals with traffic and other misdemeanor violations in the county. The Court was recertified unanimously. Don Mathews Ò Morgan County contribution to the Utah State Indigent Defense Fund There was no discussion and no action. Consideration of the adoption of a resolution for the Municipal Building Authority authorizing not more than $600,000 Lease Revenue Bonds for a building for Public Safety, Animal Control, and other public purposes and related matter. The county is considering the construction of a new building for animal control and other functions. The council needs to authorize this in order to apply to the CIB (Community Impact Fund Board) for funding at the November meeting, which is the last CIB meeting of the year. Authorization of this item does not commit the county to build the building or authorize the issuance of the bond, but allows the county to make an application to the CIB for funding. The council is considering adding space to house the Sheriff ‘s department to this building. If approved by the CIB this year the county qualifies for a special interest rate that would save the county money. The money for the bond under the special rate would be approximately 2.9%. Approved with 6 in favor and Councilmember Mathews opposed. The Municipal Building Authority also approved the item, later in the evening. A public hearing was scheduled for October 26, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. Terry Turner Ò Discussion on the purchase of 12 Lead Defibrillators Turner reported that the three lead cardiac monitors cannot transmit to the hospital. The twelve lead units can transmit to the hospital. The hospital can then evaluate the patient while they are on route. This provides more immediate treatment for the patient. The current units are about eight to ten years old. The new defibrillators are about $25,000 a piece. Turner is requesting the purchase of two of these items in next year ‘s budget. Don Mathews Ò Contract renewal for Tracy Kummer as a Community Services Employee Kummer is the county community services director. Kummer was hired on a short -term contract. In this role Kummer manages the food bank among other responsibilities. Mathews is proposing that her contract be renewed through December 2011. Approved Unanimously Wilkinson Cottonwood Mutual Water Company Ò Land Use Agreement for Rose Hill Well The county engineer had sent an email in advance of the meeting expressing concerns over the proposal. Attorney Farris recommended that the item be tabled to allow time for the county engineer to resolve the issues he has raised. The representative of the water company communicated that this well is essential to remediate the problem with a current well that has nitrate contamination. He said that the county is the last remaining body to approve this in order to move forward. The item was tabled until staff completes further review. Charles Ewert Ò Conditional Use Permit for a residence accessory structure Ewert is looking to construct a home, a housing unit for agricultural workers, and the supporting infrastructure. Approved with six in favor, Councilmember Kelley opposed. Tina Kelley Ò Library Board Ordinances This is a procedural update to bring the ordinances to be consistent with current county code. Approved Unanimously Tina Kelley Ò Use of Restaurant Tax to help pay for electronic sign Morgan City is proposing placing at the off ramp from the freeway into Morgan City Morgan City Mayor Egbert would like to place an electronic sign at the exit from the Freeway. The Mayor has requested that the county participate and the discussion was whether the restaurant tax would be used for this item. Councilmember Hansen expressed a concern about vandalism. The city is requesting that the county provide $10,000 in funding. This item will be reviewed as a part of the 2011 budget. Tina Kelley Ò Rank/Prioritize CIB and CIP lists to fulfill COG requirements and WFRC in order to be eligible for CDBG funds and CIB loans The county and the city must add items to these lists in order for items to be considered for grants and other funding. The list needs to be updated to have ratings and costs. The items updated included the Croydon Park improvement project and the Cottonwood Park bowery and restroom. Approved unanimously Karen Sunday Ò Use of Community Park Impact fee fund for Cottonwood Park This item would approve the use of impact fees for use in improvements at Cottonwood Park. This includes a bowery and restroom. The funds requested are restricted funds that can only be used on areas of the county where there is growth that are generating impact fees, and can only be used on parks. The plan is to do these improvements next spring. Approved Unanimously Steve Rush Ò Rocky Mountain Power Ò Update on the status of Rocky Mountain Power ‘s transmission line upgrade project in Morgan County Rocky Mountain Power is rebuilding a transmission line. It will change from 46,000 volts to 132,000 volts. This should improve reliability of electrical power as well as capacity. This is to rebuild an existing line in the same place as the current line. Rocky Mountain Power met with residents of Croydon to discuss any alternatives to the plan several times. Rocky Mountain Power indicated that they were able to respond to many of the requests. Rocky Mountain Power is now in the process of surveying the land and staking where the new poles will be located. Rocky Mountain Power has the need to build a substation in the area. A substation transforms power from high voltage to low voltage for use in the area. This substation would help with the reliability of power in the area. Rocky Mountain Power would like to build the substation in the Croydon area. Rocky Mountain Power needs two acres for this facility. They are currently negotiating with landowners to purchase land for this facility. The substation would be valued at about 4-5 million dollars and would be taxable. The facility would both provide tax revenues for the county and more reliable power to the county.

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