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Haslam Resigns


Rod Haslam was elected to the Morgan County Council in the county ‘s 2008 election. He began serving his term in office at the beginning of 2009. In this week ‘s county council meeting, Haslam resigned from his position after serving for two of the four years in his elected term. Haslam tendered his resignation to the council by saying, In 2004, I was diagnosed with a serious health condition _When I ran for office in 2008, I felt like if I won the office I could fulfill the responsibility and the commitment that I made. Last December 2009, I ended up back in ICU. My condition worsened _ I have been battling it. A lot of good friends; Mr. Farris and a lot of the council members have been concerned that it was time back in January, to maybe step down. I told them, ÷No, I committed for 48 months, ‘ and I was going to do that. It has become the time for me to resign _ Mr. Creager has my resignation _I want to apologize to the council, the other elected officials, the staff, all our employees – for not being able to fulfill the responsibilities that I took on my own. I committed to 48 months and I am leaving 27 months short.  Rod Haslam has a serious heart condition that has him awaiting a transplant and in recent months, his health has been deteriorating. Notwithstanding his heart condition and the seriousness of it, he has been able to stay active and continue serving the community he loves. While he has served on the county council, he has been able to continue his employment and continue volunteering for Morgan ‘s many rodeo events. It has been reported and bears repeating that Haslam is tireless in his service and devotion to the community. In particular, the many service hours he has given in supporting the county fairgrounds and the county fair. In an interview with the Morgan County News in April of this year, Haslam talked very openly about his love for the county and for his deep and sincere appreciation for the volunteer spirit that exists in the community of Morgan. He has confidence that this volunteer spirit is strong and can accomplish many great things. Haslam grew up on Stoddard Lane and graduated from Morgan High School. As a young man he was very involved in rodeo and competitive bull riding. Since his youth, he ‘s no longer a bull rider but has been involved in this community event by volunteering his time and talents to Morgan ‘s rodeo in many other ways. Haslam has also been a 4-H volunteer for over seven years, on the livestock committee for eleven years and a volunteer for Morgan High School Rodeo for twelve years. In April ‘s article, he was quoted as saying, I think we have outstanding youth in this community _I think we have good youth because we have a great community.  Following Councilmember Haslam ‘s interview and interaction with the newspaper staff for the newspaper article written about him earlier this year, his front page profile was given the title of Big-Hearted Haslam.  Many examples are there as evidence and many witnesses of his service, positive attitude, and kind approach in dealing with others are many. It is sadly ironic that a man with such a figuratively big heart  could have such serious problems with the literal life-sustaining organ in his chest. Given the evidence of his devoted service and sincere concern for the well-being of Morgan County _.and, of course _ because he has been officially dubbed as Big-Hearted Haslam  by an extremely prestigious and well-respected news publication, it seems certain that _ while his ol ‘ ticker may slow him down some, he will surely continue to find ways and set the example for volunteerism and service to one ‘s community.

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