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Morgan County Attorney Debate


Candidate Introductory Remarks First Question What is the role of the Morgan County Attorney as you understand it? Second Question Who does the Morgan County Attorney represent, the governing body of the county or the citizens of Morgan County? Third Question What would your top three priorities be, during your term? Fourth Question Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the County Council to retain outside legal council to represent Morgan County? Fifth Question In your opinion is there a difference between the council administrator position and a county manager. If there is a difference when do we cross the line between a council administrator and a county manager? Sixth Question The Morgan County Council embodies both the legislative and executive branches of Morgan County Government. In your opinion, does this structure provide for adequate checks and balances in the daily operation of the county? Seventh Question What should the role of the county attorney be in drafting, revising, and approving agreements between the county and third parties, particularly developers? Eighth Question How many hours per week are you willing to commit to working as county attorney? Ninth Question – There was a video problem towards the end of the initial comments from Jann Farris. The video lost approximately 15 seconds of Farris’ comments. What is the role of the county attorney in policy making for the county? Tenth Question How would you handle a legal issue for the county which you personally disagree with? Candidate Closing Remarks

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