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4-H Achievement Night Honors Volunteers, Leaders and 4-H’ers


On Thursday, October 7 the annual Morgan County 4-H Achievement Night was held, hosted by Utah State University Extension in the Morgan County Courthouse Auditorium. Local 4-Hers were recognized for their accomplishments in 4-H livestock, the 4-H horse program, 4-H portfolios and record books, 1st year 4-H membership, 10-year 4-H membership, TRY Team participation, and other awards. The 4-H Teen Council president McKenzie Carlin gave an update of all the fun experiences they had throughout the year including their fundraising, face-painting booth at the fair and their year-end party at Lagoon. Ten-year 4-Hers were recognized for their years of experience in 4-H including: Kami Call, Danielle Morgan, Shaun Rose, Angela Carter, Danielle Poll, Rylan Rowser, Shaelie Comer, Kaeleen Rich, Kaden Siebert, and Danielle Robison. Each received a 4-H camp chair and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors! Jennifer Clark presented the award to her TRY Team for receiving in-depth training in a specific project area and then teaching that project to other 4-H youth in Morgan County throughout the year. Olivia Anderson, Ellissa Clark, and Sara Jo Clark were the recipients of that award. Thirty-six 4-H adult leaders were recognized for varying years of service to 4-H. Some of the award recipients were: Daron Haddock, Jill York, and Bill York with 20 years of service; Doug Brown and Collett Watkins with 25 years of service; Jessie Franich with 30 years of service; and Josephine Clark with 50 years of service to the 4-H program in Morgan County. Josephine was honored with a tribute to her 4-H experiences through the years given by her daughter Karen Haddock. She received a boisterous round of applause and a standing ovation from the supportive crowd. Seven volunteer awards were given out to Morgan County Residents who were nominated by their peers to receive the specific awards. The Salute to 4-H Volunteers Award, recognizing a volunteer who has provided outstanding service to 4-H, went to Danell Sorenson. The Salute to 4-H Youth Volunteers Award, recognizing a 4-Her who has provided outstanding leadership and service to 4-H, was given to McKenzie Carlin. The 4-H Alumni of the Year award, recognizing an alumnus who continues to live up to the 4-H motto, Make the Best Better , went to Collett Watkins. The 4-H Mentor of the Year award recognizes a volunteer who serves as a mentor to fellow 4-H club leaders providing support to motivate, encourage, educate and/or recognize other volunteers. That award went to Jennifer Clark. Hali Fern received the Clover Key Award, recognizing a new, committed and creative leader who has provided outstanding service to 4-H. The Doorknob Award, recognizing a volunteer who has opened the door  for the 4-H program through special outreach, marketing, or other efforts went to Cindee Mikesell. Finally, the 4-H Family of the Year Award went to the Dave and Kristy Henry family for demonstrating outstanding involvement in and service to 4-H throughout the past year. Each year we like to spotlight new leaders and families so watch throughout this year for those that you would like to nominate next year! Members of the Morgan County 4-H Advisory Council helped plan and carry out achievement night with help from the Teen Council. The Morgan County Extension staff would like to thank the Advisory Council and the Teen Council as well as everyone who attended achievement night and supported 4-H this past year. We sincerely apologize if we missed anyone along the way as we were updating our records this year. Please let us know so we can correct our mistake. We are looking forward to another great year in 4-H in Morgan County!

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