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Morgan Welcomes Vic’s Pizza


About a year and a half ago Vicki McCluskey was living as a stay at home mom in Kamas. McCluskey grew up in Meridian Idaho. Her husband works in construction and they moved to Utah for his work about twelve years ago. After a time in Salt Lake they moved to Heber and then to Kamas to enjoy the beauty, rural setting, and lifestyle. Living in Kamas, she found that if she wanted a take and bake pizza that she had to drive thirty miles. She talked to her mother and they decided that they could provide this service. Her mother worked on the recipe for the crust and the sauce and they opened their first store in Kamas. We just needed to sell ten pizza ‘s a day,  Vicky says as she laughs. She says that ‘s what she and her mother determined was what they needed to make a go of it. Three stores later McCluskey is selling a few more than ten pizzas a day. She now has locations in Kamas, one in Coalville, and now one in Morgan. It has been a tremendous success. She says the Morgan is already doing well. She has five employees in Morgan. We hand make our dough every day, says McCluskey. We don ‘t use any canned ingredients. It ‘s all just made really fresh.  McCluskey’s recipe for success seems to be great food and friendly service. Her smile alone will light up any room. McClusky likes the barbeque chicken, but she says here in Morgan the all meat is one of the most popular. Right now they are having Monday Night Football specials. There is a different special each week. Last Monday it was two dollars off pizzas for that night. For lunch they will cook the pizzas. They also offer hot pizza subs for lunch. Customers can design their own sub just as they do a pizza and have it hot, and ready to eat in short order. They also serve soup, salad, and breadsticks. For desert try one of their one-pound chocolate chip cookies. Vic ‘s Pizza is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday. They cook pizzas for lunchtime and the rest of the time it is take and bake. Take a moment to drop by Vic ‘s Pizza for a great meal and service with a smile. Welcome to Morgan, Vicky McCluskey and Vic ‘s Pizza!

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