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PTSO Critical Component of District Success


One of the most effective resources available to the Morgan School District centers around the volunteer efforts of the PTSO. This organization is lead by a group of caring parents who are willing and anxious to lend assistance to the education and safety of our young people. They make a significant and positive difference in the success of our education program. Jill Melle is the president of the district organization. Annette Streadbeck serves as Morgan Elementary president. Michelle Lyman is the president of the Mountain Green Elementary group. Melissa Quigley leads Morgan Middle School. Brenda Crossley represents Morgan High School. They are joined by a number of others in leadership positions as well as dozens of volunteers. Their purpose and mission may be best explained by the theme adopted by the middle school PTSO, Not just a quiet influence, but an active and positive influence.  This has certainly been the case thus far in the year. For a number of years the district has needed an emergency communication system that allows each of the schools to have contact with the district and one another. Several years ago the Morgan Sheriff ‘s Department had donated Motorola HT 1000 ‘s to the schools. While the radios were in good working order, they needed new batteries and charging stations. When operational, the radios allow the schools to stay in contact with one another, Morgan County Emergency Services, and the sheriff ‘s department. This year the PTSO was approached seeking financial assistance for the project. The organization took immediate action and the radios are now operable with new batteries and chargers. In addition to this assistance, the group is raising funds for smaller two-way radios to be placed in each teacher ‘s room. Most classrooms also house emergency backpacks. These packs contain items which may mean the difference between life and death in a catastrophic event. Items include water, light, heat blankets, ponchos, water, energy food, etc. Where can you trace the origin of these packs _to the PTSO! The group relies on donations from the parents and public for their projects. It has been my privilege to attend some of their fundraising activities. Morgan Elementary held a carnival. Mountain Green Elementary sponsored a creative walk-a-thon. Morgan Middle School held a back-to-school bash. Funds raised through these events go directly to the schools and students to support programs and classrooms. On October 25, the district PTSO will be sponsoring a Morgan Community Family Night. The purpose of the event is to promote good health and safety of students and families. There will be presentations, booths, and tips on safety techniques. Parents will be able to receive free laminated photo/identification cards as well as nutrition and health advice. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the high school. Other events and projects are being planned throughout the year. On behalf of the Morgan Board of Education and our fours schools I salute the PTSO leadership and their members. They play an important role in our district and are very much appreciated. If you would like to join the organization, please contact Jill, Annette, Michelle, Melissa, or Brenda. All funds generated by the PTSO remain in the district.

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