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Holy Cow… I Mean, Elk!


Hillarie Waller took her first bull after drawing a out a tag in the Hardscabble area. She hunted for three days with her dad and brothers before filling her tag. They had seen a large bull on the first day, but it moved over the ridge before she could get into a position for a shot. On the third day she was hunting in the same area. She came across a large group of elk in a stand of pines. She took aim and bagged this huge elk. Then the real work began as she cleaned the elk and began the process of hauling it out. The first day they removed the hard and took it to a taxidermist. They then returned with four wheelers the next day to haul out the remainder of the elk. It looks like Waller will be enjoying elk roasts, steaks, burgers, and jerky for quite some time.

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