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7-0 Football Champs


The Morgan Jr. Mites White team had an incredible season. They were the only Morgan Football team that went undefeated, going 7-0. At first glance you might not think this was possible, being that they only had 17 players on their team. Ranging from the ages of 7 to 8 years old and only having 1 x man on the team. You definitely can say size doesn ‘t matter, it takes hard work, determination and the love of the game to make this happen. These boys had it all. They were out to show everyone that they were tough, hard hitters and no one was getting by them. Their defense only allowed one touchdown all season. This team had 6 wonderful coaches that aided in all of this as well. The coaches and parents of these boys are very proud of them, in what they accomplished this season and can ‘t wait to see what next season brings. Record: Morgan 39 Clinton Blue 0 Morgan 43 West Haven Maroon 0 Morgan 25 Farmington Black 0 Morgan 6 Syracuse Black 0 Morgan 14 South Ogden White 12 Morgan 41 Roy White 0 Morgan 27 Kaysville Brown 0

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