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We held our monthly meeting on Thursday Nov 4. We were called to order by our president and the minutes of our last meeting were read by Joan Mortensen. They were approved and passed. Our opening prayer was given by Anna Medaris. Our book review was done by Gwen Francis. The book was The Lion and A Lamb. It is about Willard and Rebecca Bean, who were sent by Pres. Joseph F. Smith to Palmyra, New York to refresh The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints there. They had many trials and things didn ‘t always go well. But they had an immense amount of faith and they made it. They were on their mission for 23 years. The Beans stayed in the Joseph Smith home. Willard was a part of the Hill Comarah purchase for the LDS Church. It was a very good book and we all enjoyed it. Closing prayer was offered by Betty Jan Murphy. Refreshments were garlic bread, homemade potatoes with chicken soup (it was delicious). Then there was pumpkin dessert and fudge.

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