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Wednesday Nite Owls Scores and Standings Team Standings 1st Parkside Lanes 2nd Shooters 3rd Dee ‘s Tire 4th Northrup Grumman Mens High Games 233 Craig Mahoskey 211 Bill Skeen 190 Dennis Vernon Mens High Series 622 Craig Mahoskey 519 Bill Skeen 505 Dennis Vernon Womens High Game 163 Teresa Shope 161 Pat Bird 141 Misty Spendlove Womens High Series 445 Pat Bird 416 Misty Spendlove 394 Teresa Shope Monday Morning Scores and Standings TEAM STANDINGS WINS LOSSES 1- Western Auto Sprinkler 24 12 2- Gordy ‘s Girls 20 16 3- Eagle Rock Construction 191/2 161/2 4- The Morgan County News 19 17 5- Head Over Heels 171/2 181/2 6- Rees Fur Farm 17 19 7- Crandall Ford 181/2 191/2 8- Morgan Drug 101/2 251/2 High Games Connie Waterson 155- Cathy Friery 163-Susan Crandall 172-220-196- Shelly Rowser 154-180- Bernice Warner 152- Lisa O ‘brien 151- Connie Whiting 215-171-171- Gloria Marcellin 162- Ethel McQueen 160 Becky Wilde 158-187- Misty Spendlove 155-159-Judy Judd 169-171-182. High Game Hcp goes to Gordy ‘s Girls with an 880. Team members are Becky Wilde, Misty Spendlove and Judy Judd. High Team Series also goes to Gordy ‘s Girls with a 2510. Great bowling ladies. This week our fun game was the person closest to their average with out going over, it was won by Jane Casper, Barbara Roemmich and Amy Lopez by 2 pins under their average. Ethel McQueen bowled 53 pins over her average and Susan Crandall bowled 65 over hers and 123 pins over series. We still have openings for bowlers.

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