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Morgan Empowered Did You Know That _? 


…Morgan Empowered is inviting our community to reach out and give daily sincere compliments during the month of November! Where to begin? Start with your own family members and then extend yourself to others who you feel needs the lift  and support of your sincere compliment. For example, give a compliment whenever you observe someone doing an act of kindness, showing respect to another, doing a good deed, accomplishing something difficult, serving in our community, and/or being a great example to all around them. And don ‘t forget to teach and encourage your young children that they can give sincere compliments to others, too, such as to a sibling, a parent, a teacher, a classmate, and a friend! Our community will become empowered in the positive  as we compliment each other sincerely for the positive attributes we identify in others. We need each other! As our efforts become united, and we reach out in personal ways, our community will continue to build and grow in positive ways. So remember this month to give daily sincere compliments. We can do this! YOU can do this! I can do this! It really does start with ME!

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