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County Council Notes November 16, 2010


Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen Aspen Meadows Plan Adjustment The applicant is requesting minor adjustments to the plan. The planning commission has recommended this item be approved. The requested change was approved unanimously. Wilkinson Cottonwood Water Land Use Agreement for the Rose Hill Well See Water Water Everywhere _ on this page Release of the Completion Bond for the work done along Old Highway Road for the Mountain Green Sewer Improvements Work has been completed on the project. The county engineer has reviewed the work and recommended the release of this bond. The item was approved unanimously. Public Hearing on the Morgan County Subdivision Regulations and Related Administrative Provisions The proposal consolidates the subdivision code currently in three sections of the county code and consolidates it into a single section. It also brings the subdivision up to date with the county council ‘s recent actions and changes in the state code. The following individuals provided public comment: Robert McConnell Ò Expressed concern about the section relating to security required for improvements. The county is requiring deposits to be made with them rather than what they have accepted in the past which included letters of credit and performance bonds. Mr. McConnell expressed concern as to whether the county is allowed to act as an escrow agent under state code. He expressed concern about the indemnification language on improvements. He also raised concerns in a number of other sections. McConnell will forward all of this comments to the county for their review. Debbie Sessions Sessions commented on procedures used for public hearings. She requested that the document that is being reviewed in the public hearing be available online when the notice of the public hearing is published. Larry Hatch Hatch commented that in the explanation of the zoning regulations and codes that the word plenary is used and he questioned how this word applies to the statutes. He questioned whether the MU-160 zone is flexible enough to allow for building in a variety of terrains. The item was tabled for review of some questions and revisions. Public Hearing Regarding Accessory Apartments There have been questions in the past about whether this ordinance has been used in ways not consistent with the purpose. The planning commission has reviewed the ordinance and recommended that it be retained for both attached and some detached dwellings in certain zones. The following individuals provided public comment: Debbie Sessions Sessions commented on the appeals process. She would prefer that applicants have an option for a hearing officer or a board of appeals before going to district court. She also would like to see recreational dwellings retained in the A-20 zone. Mr. Snyder Expressed support for the accessory apartment ordinance. Mr. Guffey Sent in a comment since he was unable to attend Ò He asked the council for two amendments. He expressed support for residential apartments in all zones. He also expressed he would like to have accessory apartments be permitted to have an entrance in the front of the dwelling. Some members of the council expressed the opinion that the detached option should be removed. The council tabled the item so that the members could provide comments to staff and the staff could redraft the ordinance. Resolution CR-10-17 appointing Stacy Lafitte as the Morgan County Representative for the Utah Counties Insurance Pool Annual Membership Meeting Approved unanimously with Jann Farris as an alternate.

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