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Brody Caswell, age 12, brought to our attention, that the sign by the phone tower on the east parking lot of the Morgan County Fairgrounds, says Morgan County Fairgroudns  The Morgan County News learned from outgoing Morgan County Council member Karen Sunday, that she was made aware of it. She believes that it happened about five years ago. Sunday has advised the Fairgrounds Board and asked that they see that the sign is replaced with the correct spelling. Brody is in 7th Grade at Morgan Middle School and we think he should get some extra credit in his English class for noticing this. Readers may remember a few years ago when Morgan Elementary students wrote The Morgan County News to point out that the exit signs at the Peterson exit said Mt. Green instead of Mtn. Green. We printed the letter, and forwarded it to the Utah Department of Transportation. About a month later, the signs were changed to Mtn. Green. We appreciate the observation and knowledge. They correctly identified that Mt. is the abbreviation of Mount, not Mountain. Mtn. Is the abbreviation of mountain.

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