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Volunteering in Morgan County Schools is a generous yet rewarding commitment to our children. Each of our four separate campuses has a variety of opportunities that can be tailored to meet almost any time commitment or personal strength. Morgan Elementary School is proud of the support this community has shown us through their donations of time and expertise in the many different areas of need we have as a campus. The following are examples of how parents and the community make a difference in the lives of our students. Perhaps the most humble yet valuable group that we work with as a campus is our former students who now attend MHS and MMS. Through service clubs, community organizations, religious groups, and classroom to classroom partnerships these students spend countless hours volunteering. This year already high school and middle school students have staffed our Back-to-School Carnival and served as teacher’s assistants in classrooms and our media center. High school students often serve as mentors addressing both academic and social challenges students sometimes face. Former students have helped with campus issues including painting basketball lines on our playground, creating bike parking zones, and initiating much of the planning behind our new Courtesy Patrol. These student groups provide constant service and an excellent example for the younger children in our community. AmeriCorps is another valuable organization that has partnered with our campus for the benefit of our students. MES is fortunate to have a full-time Reading Coordinator and part-time Math Coordinator who go above and beyond the requirements of their positions. These staff members have valuable training not only in their academic disciplines but also in the coordination of parent volunteers and the creation of opportunities for volunteers with limited schedules. Not limited to working with students during school hours these representatives have also created before and after school programs that help students with math and literacy needs. They are a valuable asset to our campus and much appreciated members of our staff. Senior Corps and the Foster Grandparents program is another valuable organization that has positively influenced our campus. Our beloved Sharon Radford recently passed but her passion for literacy and dedication to the children of Morgan County will be carried on for years in the lives of the many children she touched. We are excited for our next opportunity to partner with the Foster Grandparents program and would encourage all community members 55 or older to investigate this organization. The final group who must be mentioned and spend countless hours helping is the MES PTSO, our moms and dads who are simply there when needed. From planning and coordinating whole campus activities to holding a flashlight in a darkened hallway during a power failure, this group’s dedication to our students is the backbone of our campus. In each of the aforementioned examples moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and the community in general have pitched-in and filled a need. The boys and girls of Morgan Elementary School are watching and learning a valuable lesson about service and commitment. Thank you for your enthusiastic and continued support!

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