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School Board Spotlight – Bruce Galbraith


Bruce Galbraith is the Vice President of the school board. He serves from district two. Galbraith ran unopposed in the recent election and was re-elected for a second term of four years. Galbraith has lived in Morgan for 37 years and all of his four kids went to school in Morgan. He moved to Morgan for the school system. He thought it was the best place to educate his children and believes that this is still true. Three of his children still live here in Morgan and he has many grandchildren attending Morgan schools. Galbraith grew up in Ogden and graduated from Weber State with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics. After graduation he worked for Mobile Oil for four years, for IHC (Intermountain Health Care) for nine years in administration. He then went to work for Cardinal Health Care where he retired as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. After retirement Galbraith wanted to give back to the community and the school system that had educated his children so well. During the last several years of his employment with Cardinal he was on the road much of the time. Galbraith feels gratitude to the school system that has given his children so much. He decided he would serve and try to help that focus on the children to continue. Galbraith’s assignments on the school board have included the Rec Board, the DATC, the Teacher Evaluation Committee, and the Educational Excellence Award. During the time Galbraith was overseeing the Rec Board one of his main areas of focus was on getting the lighting completed. Galbraith and others worked to raise the funds from the community to complete this project. He has been continually impressed with the level of service and dedication from Morgan residents. He cites the Rec Plex and all of the time, energy, talent, and donation as a prime example of the spirit of service in the community. Galbraith sees this same level of commitment from the administrators and teachers in the school district. He has had the wonderful opportunity to work as the school board representative responsible for the Educational Excellence Award. This has given him the opportunity to come to know of the many individuals who have contributed to the success of the school district over the years. Many of the award’s early recipients have been those who laid the foundation of the district we all now enjoy. He finds great satisfaction in recognizing the work of these individuals and making the community aware of the great sacrifices and contributions made in the past. Galbraith is currently serving on the Davis Applied Technology Center (DATC) board for the district. He has been a part of helping to form the strategy for the entrepreneurial center that is planned for Morgan County. The entrepreneurial center will be patterned after one already in operation in Kaysville at the DATC campus. Its focus and purpose is to help those who are starting in business to succeed. It is planned to provide a low cost way for individuals to move their business out of their homes into an environment that can support them as they grow. The entrepreneurial center will provide training, education and help to new business owners during the critical start up phase when so many businesses fail because the owners are confronted with problems for which they find themselves unprepared. Galbraith indicated that the DATC board has approved funding to acquire a site in Morgan and is in process of purchasing the land. Galbraith said that he would receive an update at the next board meeting, but that the land was either about to be purchased, or had already been purchased. He said that the DATC plans to have the center up and running in 2011. If the land includes a building the plan is to do some remodeling and be ready to open next year. Morgan has many home-based businesses. This entrepreneurial center will be a boost to the county because it will add another organization operating within the county that will add employees and spending, but it will also foster growth in the many home based and very small start up businesses in the county and give them a better chance at succeeding. Galbraith also participates with a group of teachers who as a team develop an evaluation system for teachers. This evaluation allows for a peer review process that teachers use to help share best practices between one another and evaluate performance. Galbraith has high praise for the administrators and teachers in the district. He expressed that the spirit of partnership and the willingness for teachers to share with one another and develop the best ways to teach is one of the things that makes Morgan successful in delivering excellent teaching practices and retaining the best teachers. Galbraith also feels that the work done by Superintendent Ken Adams to bring a single unified education experience between all the schools has been very important. Galbraith sees this unified approach that retains the ability for teachers to innovate and teach in their own individual fashion as important to continuing educational excellence. Like many of the school board Galbraith sees the biggest issue as growth and the ability for the district to manage this growth with its limited budget. He also sees the need to fix the aging infrastructure of the high school. The board has this item on its five-year plan. He believes, given the growth and enrollment at the two elementary schools that the county residents made a good decision to go forward with the new Mountain Green Elementary School. Galbraith summarized the things that he feels most proud of while serving on the board. He said that these things include, first and foremost that the board acts as an advocate for the children in the district to give them the best education possible, to help them excel when they graduate, and to ensure that they do well in the businesses they choose. He feels that the district has enacted a good bullying policy, a good travel policy, a good drug policy, and he is proud of the achievement of consistent increases in test scores. Galbraith sees continued commitment from himself and the board on being advocates for the children. He expressed that he feels it is a privilege to serve on the board and to give of his time a talents to the community that has given so much to him and his family. He looks forward to the next four years and the opportunity to continue this service.

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