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Tell Me ÷Bout the Good Ol’ Days Christmas Traditions of Morgan Past, Present, and Future


There’s just something about Morgan_ It’s a great place to live and raise a family… People really care about each other and care about their community in Morgan. These are the repeated types of comments used by long-time residents of Morgan County, newly planted Morganites, and also by many who just pass through the quaint town when looking for the adequate adjective to describe what strong they find so appealing in this valley. There are many well-known names in the community of long-time residents whose ancestors settled the area. They have deep roots here and want to hang on to the traditions and values that define and guide them to take care of and appreciate their beautiful valley home. This great attitude of pride and service to the community are the common threads that connect people and give them a common purpose and strength. The Morgan County News has been privileged to report on all of the many outstanding citizens and the many service projects that are continually happening in the county. Morgan City has been diligently looking for ways to maintain, preserve, and build upon the traditions in Morgan. With the opening of the Christmas season in the town, we are looking forward to keeping everyone informed of the many festivities that will be planned in the community. The newspaper staff is fortunate to have the kind of active support that assists in building a strong and informative community newspaper. It is the one-year anniversary of ownership at The Morgan County News. With community support, the paper continues to grow and improve. Being located on Morgan’s Historical Main Street has added to our understanding of the rich history of Morgan and our intent is to provide the best news coverage on the community and to also add to the great spirit and pride that is so amazing in Morgan. For the last two weeks, TMCN has reported on the city’s plans to kick off the Christmas Season in true Morgan tradition and style. Tomorrow, December 4, many of the wonderful servants of the community and many volunteers have been working to rekindle the ÷Ol Time Christmas Celebrations of Morgan’s past and to start an annual event of connecting with the spirit of community and of the season.

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