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A Great Concert


Last Monday was the twelfth annual concert of the Morgan Community Choir. Many families have made this a family tradition at Christmas. It is a perfect way to start the Christmas season. With the leadership of Lois Manning and the sonorous voice of Dan Reader narrating the Choir performed a variety of numbers. Often the true measure of a Choir’s performance is when they sing a cappella. The choir’s performance without accompaniment was wonderful. The base rumbled and you could feel their tones without even hearing them. The sopranos reached high to notes that perfectly blended with the other parts. The choir performed their traditional types of music, but also branched out. They had a little fun with a Calypso number. Calypso and concert choirs may not always be a perfect match, but it added to the festive atmosphere as the choir sang beautifully and clearly enjoyed the number. At the beginning of the program and just before the intermission there were two piano solos by Spencer Drennan. Drennan set the tone for the evening with a beautiful performance. Like every year, this is a family tradition worth keeping. Morgan is blessed to have this choir that adds to the spirit of the community. During this time of year their performance invites in the spirit of the season and helps build in our hearts the feeling of giving and of love.

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