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Campus Connection – New Logo and Mission Statement Approved


The Morgan Board of Education has unveiled a new logo and mission statement for the district. The action follows work completed by two select committees over the past four months. The committees were comprised of faculty, community council members, and administrators. In the logo, the M stands prominent and is underscored by our theme United For Excellence. Maroon is the featured color and represents a storied history of education in Morgan County. Simple, but bold, the logo catches the immediate attention of the viewer while allowing the eye to flow comfortably to the written word contained in the correspondence. Alumnus Phillip Romero created the logo in cooperation with the Board and administration. Four concept drawings were presented to the faculties of each school with the adopted logo receiving the most votes. It will now grace district letterhead, business cards, web page, promotional pieces, and other district media. The mission statement seeks to create a challenging learning environment that emphasizes literacy and numeracy. It also addresses the community’s goal to work together in preparing students for productive adulthood. It reads, The Morgan County School District Community stands united in the pursuit of educational excellence. It is our mission to create a challenging learning environment that emphasizes literacy and numeracy. We seek to assist students as they prepare for responsible citizenship, meaningful work, advanced education, and life-long learning. The statement specifically mentions community. The role of education flows past the rooms and hallways of individual schools into the homes of the children and along the pathways of business, government, and social institutions. The saying It takes a village to raise a child certainly rings true in our community. Literacy and numeracy are the building blocks of all education advancement. If one cannot read, write, and compute at least rudimentary arithmetic equations, chances of a successful adulthood are extremely limited. Mastery of these skills opens the door to a world of opportunity and choices. Utah’s public education system is created in the state Constitution to secure and perpetuate freedom. This freedom is secured by those who demonstrate responsible citizenship, are able to acquire and maintain meaningful work, seek advanced education, and spend their existence continually learning and developing. As a public school entity within Morgan County, the district works from the time a child enters kindergarten to the day they receive a high school diploma to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of adulthood. This can only be accomplished as we work together as a community with a definitive mission in mind. We look forward to serving with each our constituents in the years and decades to come.

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