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County Council Notes December 14, 2010


Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen Public Comment Robert McConnell Ò McConnell provided comments on the subdivision ordinance. He had previously provided comments and gave greater detail and specific recommendations for changes. He specifically requested that the county maintain public improvements during the warranty period from the developer. Council Business Member Sunday reported that work has begun on the handicap ramp in Milton Park. Work is expected to be complete by the end of the year. Member Kelley reported that the library has a Christmas Village on display and that parents may want to consider taking their children to the library to see it during the Winter Break at school. Member Mathews reported that council members elect Mecham, Nelson, Kilmer and council member Mathews had attended the UAC training for new council members. Member Hansen reported that the county is in process of receiving bids to replace the boiler in the county offices. James Barnhill Ò Annual Extension Agreement Contract This approves the cooperative agreement between the county and the Utah State University Extension office. Approved unanimously Grant Crowell Ò Subdivision Regulations After many weeks of review the new subdivision ordinance was approved unanimously. Crowell had received significant input from the council and community and had incorporated much of the feedback from these sources. Some of the changes included that the county will plow roads in a subdivision during the warranty period and will also maintain the public improvements during the warranty period. The subdivision ordinance was approved unanimously. Public Hearing Ò Morgan County General Plan The last time the council adopted a new general plan was in 1999. Changes to the plan include adoptions from changes in the Area Plans and comments given in a number of public hearings throughout the county. There were some key items that were considered as a part of the updates including the transportation plan, area plans, and studies which had been completed including Envision Morgan and the DAT study. The general plan is not zoning, it is a framework on which zoning decisions can be based in the future. It provides some general direction on how areas could be used in the future including open spaces, commercial and industrial areas, and residential development. The plan anticipates the incorporation, in the future of Mountain Green. It projects estimates of county population of 11,621 in 2015 and 16,756 by 2020. This means a projection of more than eighty percent growth over the next ten years. Public comments included: 1. Several requests that the county consider including in the transportation section that provides a framework for additional biking trails and facilities. 2. Several comments about concerns about the section that would restrict that change from agriculture to residential zoning. Also changes were requested that would support farmers to be able to provide lots for growth in their families to support their agricultural operations. 3. That development be encouraged in lower value agricultural land rather than non-tilled/non irrigated ground After the public comment and the comments from the council, the general plan was tabled unanimously to revise language in the plan to reflect requests from citizens and the council. Grant Crowell Ò Accessory Apartment Ordinance This item has been before the council several times. The modifications to the ordinance included eliminating detached accessory apartments, and removing the specific limitations on size. Recreational dwellings were also eliminated from RR-10, RR-5, and RR-1 zones. These are residential designations with lot sizes of one, five, and ten acres respectively. Approved with Member Sunday voting against. Presentation of Land Acquisition from Morgan School District The school district proposed that the county might want to join in the land purchase and acquire 1.3 acres of ground next to the school district acquisition and adjacent to the fairgrounds. The district estimates that the cost will be approximately $50,000 per acre. The council tabled the item unanimously for the incoming council to consider. The council will consider how the county would fund this purchase if they determined to move forward in the intervening weeks.

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