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County Council Notes December 21, 2010


December 21, 2010 Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen Michael Brown Ò Surrey Lane as a County Road Brown is seeking to have Surrey Lane become a county road and be maintained by the county. Brown came before the council a few years ago to propose a development including his own residence. Based on his interaction with the council he believed that the road would ultimately become a county road. On the approved plat map the road was designated as a private road, however. Brown has subsequently requested the road to become a county road and his belief was that he was conditionally accepted. The county engineer has reviewed the road and found some concerns. The council discussed the request from Brown for the county to accept this road as a county road if he can meet all requirements. Member Kelley expressed the belief that Brown had received substantial financial benefit by using the PRUD ordinance which required a private road and did not see any advantages to the county in taking on the maintenance of this private road. She made a motion not to consider accepting the road as public. Her motion was defeated with Member Kelley, Mathews, and Kippen voting in favor and members Creager, Lundgren, Hansen, and Sunday voting against. A motion was then made by member Lundgren to consider accepting the road if the applicant could meet all county requirements. This motion passed with the opposite vote of the previous motion. This decision does not accept the road as a county road, but rather places the burden on Brown to ensure that the road meets code requirements. Brown will then need to bring the request back to the council to request that this become a county road. Audit for 2010 The council selected a new auditing firm to complete the 2010 county audit. Ulrich and Associates was selected unanimously. They were the low bidder. 2011 Adjusted Salary Plan Last council meeting the council approved the new salary plan. This has increases for county employees and elected officials. The county council was eligible to give themselves a raise, but chose not to. The item was passed in the previous council meeting, but did not have the elected officials salaries included. These salaries were now included. The salary plan was approved unanimously. Member Kippen recused herself since she receives benefit from the salary plan as a county employee. Personnel Manual The personnel manual had minor changes and was approved unanimously. Member Kippen recused herself since she receives benefits from the benefit plan. Ordinance CO-10-19 Ò Morgan County General Plan See A New General Plan for the County on this page Advertisement Due to Employee Retirement As of December 15, Si (Simon Henandez) has announced retirement. He has turned in his two weeks notice. He is a part time employee of the county and has been the custodian for many years. The council commented on Henandez excellent service to the county. His last day is December 31. The council approved unanimously to post for the position and give a commendation to Hernandez for his many years of service. Amendment to Road Department Budget for Employee Overtime Since 2005 the county has been paying employees for overtime as necessary. The past cost has been approximately $10,100 per year. The road department is requesting an increase of $15,000. The budget was amended by $15,000 to cover overtime and part time wages in the road department unanimously. Council Business Member Kelley presented a thank you to the outgoing council members. She expressed appreciation to those outgoing members. Member Hansen also expressed thanks to these outgoing members. Member Mathews also expressed thanks for their service and for the help they have given him as he joined the council. Member Lundgren expressed thanks to the council for the opportunity to serve. He expressed that he is ready, willing and able to serve the county in the future. Member Sunday expressed thanks to the county personnel and all those with whom she has worked. Chariman Creager provided comments as a close to the meeting Ò see Creager Shares Final Words on page 1

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