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Thanks for Heartfelt Service


It seems this time of year is The Season of Giving, which seems to mean spending money on material stuff and wrapping them up in fancy paper and bows to let family and friends know how much you care about them. I would like to thank two families who really practice doing for others all years round. That being The Preeces and Haslams from my neighborhood. It all started in the winter of 1998, the year Jim passed away. Early one morning I heard a noise outside. I looked out, and it was the Preeces’ cleaning snow in front of my home and the road coming up to my home. Every year since, all twelve of them, they have continued to do this. Of course, they won’t take one cent for it either. Corey just smiles and hurries over to his parents place to take care of them. Just today I looked out my window and the Haslams were outside removing snow. I am so thankful for living in Morgan and so happy for special people, like the Preeces and the Haslams. Floriene Glass Stoddard

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