Home Government Morgan City Council Notes December 28, 2010

Morgan City Council Notes December 28, 2010


Public Hearing -Resoution 10-39 Adjustment to Budget The city adjusted revenues down based on actual revenues for the year. To balance the budget, the council reduced expenditures to compensate for lower revenues. Ordinance 10-08 – Intoxicating and Impairing Chemical Compounds See Morgan City Passes Spice Ban on page 1 The ordinance was passed unanimously. Cell Phone Policy The city is considering a policy on cell phones in the city. The item was tabled for more discussion. North Morgan Drainage agreement The residents of North Morgan are allowed to drain into a ditch owned by the Ditch Company. The city has an agreement with the ditch company. This is an update to add additional businesses and change the business names to property descriptions. This item was tabled to come back for a final decision. Special items Mayor Egbert – The Mayor informed the council that the sewer bond was financed by 1st Bank. The mayor wants to thank them for their help and service to the community.

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