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County Council Notes January 4, 2011


Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Howard Hansen, Donald Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Lyle Nelson, Ned Mecham, Robert Kilmer Public Comment Larry Hatch thanked all of the council for their service. He requested that the council consider carefully the appointment of a chairman. County Council Business Councilmembers Kilmer and Mecham expressed thanks to the voters for their opportunity to serve. Councilmember Nelson expressed the desire to see cooperation between the council and the citizens. He hopes that together changes can be made for the good of the county. Councilmember Mathews said he looks forward to the new year and a new council to take actions to make the county great. Councilmember Kippen communicated excitement to work with the new council. Councilmember Kelley spoke of the excitement to work with the new council. She gave an update on the hiring of the council administrator. The council has interviewed (both the outgoing and incoming council) the current candidates. She said that more interviews may be needed and the more discussion will be forthcoming in a future council meeting. Selection of Chairman and Vice Chair Member Kelley was appointed as chairman with all in favor. Member Kelley abstained. Member Hansen was appointed as Vice Chair with all in favor. Member Hansen abstained. Bill Bommer Ò Map of Morgan County Bommer is with Star Publishing who is the largest map producer in the state. Bommer is requesting help from the council in the production of the map of Morgan County which is placed in areas where visitors or those new to the state will see it. Some of these locations include Hill Air Force Base, Temple Square, and Visitors Bureaus. He will be selling advertising space on the map. He is requesting from $500 to $2,500 from the council. The council declined participation unanimously, but left open the possibility for Bommer to return if he cannot get enough participation from businesses to fund the project. Ken Adams Ò Purchase of Land Near the Fairgrounds from the School District Adams previously came before the council about a parcel of ground the school district had purchased for a new bus garage. The district is offering to the county the opportunity to purchase a small piece of ground next to the fairgrounds. The property has been used in the past for parking at fairground events. The property is 1.3 acres and the district is asking $50,000 an acre. They would like to close before June 1. They need a commitment from the county to move their design process forward. If the county does not purchase the land the district will fence the property to protect the new structure. This would preclude the county from using this space for parking at the fairgrounds. The item was tabled with all in favor except member Kilmer who abstained. Direction was given to determine funding sources and determine the value of the land. 2011 Portfolio Assignments The following are the portfolio assignments for the council members. Airport Advisory Board Ò Member Mathews Chamber of Commerce Ò Member Kippen Economic Development Ò Member Nelson Children’s Justice Center Ò Attorney Farris Council of Governments Ò Member Mecham, Member Kilmer, and Chairman Kelley Weber/Morgan Human Services Ò Member Hansen and Mathews Family Connections Ò Chairman Kelley East Canyon Water Quality Water Advisory Board Ò Member Kippen and Member Mecham Water Advisory Board Ò Member Kippen Extension Services Ò Member Mecham Fair Board/Fairgrounds ÒMember Hansen, Member Kilmer, and Member Kippen Fleet Ò Member Mathews and Member Nelson Historical Society Ò Chairman Kelley Insurance and Personnel Ò Chairman Library Ò Member Hansen Morgan Empowered Ò Attorney Farris and Member Kilmer Park Board and Parks Ò Member Kippen Recreation Ò Member Kippen and Member Kilmer Physical Facilities Ò Member Kilmer Planning and Development Ò Chairman Kelley Public Safety Ò Member Hansen Public Works Ò Member Mecham and Member Mathews Purchasing Ò Member Mathews RDA Ò the entire Council Solid Waste Ò Member Mecham TV/Cable Ò Member Kippen Wasatch Front Regional Council Ò Chairman Kelley and Member Hansen Weber Morgan Health Board Ò Chairman Kelley Workforce Services Ò Member Mecham and Member Nelson Resolution CR-11-01 Appointing a Representative to Serve on the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management Board Member Mecham was appointed unanimously. Electronic Media Agreement The county provides electronic equipment to employees. The recommendation was made that those who receive equipment take responsibility for this equipment and any damage or loss to this equipment. The item was tabled so that Member Mathews could make changes that protect the county from losses, but will not put unreasonable burden on those that receive and use this electronic equipment provided from the county.

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