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Morgan High School Student Remembers School Song


I am writing this at the request of my 96 yr. old mother, Vera Carter. (She wrote for the paper for many years) She read the article from Sid Creager about his leaving the Council, he cited one line of the ÷School Song’. It brought back many memories of her days attending Morgan High and also teaching there. It is her request that you print the whole song. Maybe there are others that would enjoy ÷remembering’. Thanks for your consideration. Lila Hardy, Mom is now a resident of The Family Tree. Verse One In the valley where skies are so blue, Where our hearts are all loyal and true, Where there’s joy in the air And good will every where, Stands the school that we all adore. We will love you our old Morgan High, ÷Til the stars cease to shine in the sky, Live or die, we stand together, Sun or rain, our school forever, For we love you our Morgan High. Verse two There’s a place in our hearts all our own, ÷Tis the sweet, tender longing for home; May the deeds that we do Reflect honor to you When far from your portals we roam Give three cheers for our old Morgan High, Where we never say can’t but I’ll try; Heart and hand to thee we render Brain and brawn be they defender, For we love you our Morgan High. Verse three You’re the best little school in the land From the Freshie to Senior so grand, From the shop with its noise To our basket ball boys, For victory and honor we stand. We are proud of our boys in the game, They bring honor to Morgan’s proud name! They are never spoiled by winning, They can lose and keep on grinning, They’re the product of Morgan High. It doesn’t seem like they use the School Song much any more. It used to be the highlight at every sports event , they don’t do that any more.

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