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99th Birthday – Alice Mable Welsh


Alice Mable Welsh (Grandma Rosie) will be celebrating her 99th Birthday Thursday January 20th 2011 Mable’s great-great granddaughter Oakley Ann Nelson will be sharing the same special day since she was Grandma’s special birthday gift on her 93rd birthday. Grandma was born January 20, 1912 in Peterson Utah to Samuel and Olivia Horsefield. Grandma was the baby of the family with three sisters and four brothers. Grandma didn’t have much growing up but tells how celebrating every holiday was a treat, from dyeing eggs, making ice cream, bobbing for apples, sleigh riding to grand dances held at the church. There were only around 24 families that lived in Peterson at the time so most of the holidays were celebrated together. Winter’s were so cold she would sleep in the attic with heated rocks to keep her warm always waking up in the morning to frost across the top of her Quilts. Grandma would wear long handle drawers, long stockings, flannel petticoats and flour sack bloomers to stay warm she would take milk cans to Carrigan’s creek to get water and pull by sleigh to the house for drink water and to wash their clothes, she would ride in a horse drawn carriage and sleigh to the small school in Peterson. Go for a ride in the first car in Morgan to watching the first airplane land in Morgan walking in snow up to her waist just to see it up close. Grandma has always been a very hard worker at a very young age working at the pea factory and continued to work until she was 83 years old. Grandma married Grandpa Reed on May 14,1934 sharing over 50 years of marriages before his death on November 1, 1989. Grandma is the proud Mother of four daughters, Alice Renae (Leon) Evans of Huntington Beach California, Rose Deann (Dale deceased) Hodgson of Roy, Gaylene (Mark) Evans and Lugene Porter of Morgan, Grandma to 11 grandchildren, Great grandma to 23 grandchildren 2 deceased and 1 arriving in May, great great grandma to 5 grandchildren. Grandma has always spent many hours cooking and making sure holidays and birthdays were special for her family . Grandma would cook for the whole family and we would either all squeeze in her kitchen, take turns eating or a picnic in grandma and grandpa’s beautiful yard. With the first three grandkids she would always buy gifts for all of us it didn÷t matter who’s birthday it was we all received gifts she didn’t want anyone feeling left out and of course at Christmastime we always had plenty of gift’s to go around the only problem grandma had a hard time getting the right names on the right gifts! Needless to say it was always made Christmas day very interesting! Grandma has traveled and shared many trips with my mom and dad. In 1985 Grandma traveled to England, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy with Renae, Toni and my mom. Grandma stays busy spending time at the senior citizens, cooking, being a loyal Jazz fan and of course the occasional trips to Wendover. I remember spending many weekends and summers with Grandma as a little girl making pies, cookies and dragging ever blanket out of the house making tents on the clothes lines. I remember being sent many and I mean many times up to Williams to get the one ingredient she forgot. Grandma always found extra money under the rug or mattress for us to go to the movie, have a hamburger at Hopkins or a day swimming at Como. I love my Grandma and cherish the memories of my childhood. I feel very fortunate my mom is one of the four amazing and strong daughter’s grandpa and grandma raised. Along with all of my family I want to wish Grandma a very Happy 99th Birthday! Love, Shelly

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