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County Council Notes January 18, 2011


Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Howard Hansen, Donald Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Lyle Nelson, Ned Mecham, Robert Kilmer County Council Business Member Mathews expressed appreciation for donations to the Morgan food bank. Member Kippen expressed thanks to those who worked to help their neighbors who were experiencing flooding. Member Kilmer informed the council that the retirement of the custodian for the county has put some work behind schedule. Kilmer would like to eliminate the now vacant custodian position and replace it with a maintenance person to better respond to the variety of county needs. Chairman Kelley expressed thanks to those who helped with the variety of flooding situations in the county including many of the county employees who were working overnight to help with the situation. Member Kelley also reported that she will be serving as a member at large on the UAC (Utah Association of Counties) committee. County Purchase of Lands near the Fairgrounds Member Kilmer recused himself from the discussion. The council expressed a desire to acquire the property from the district. The property consists of 1.3 acres and is adjacent to the Fairgrounds. The ground has been used for parking by the county in the past, during the fair. They proposed to pay the school district the same rate the district paid for the property ($40,000 per acre) and agreed to participate in the surveying and building the fence. Ken Adams, school superintendent was present representing the school district. Adams communicated that he was only authorized to accept $60,000 from the council. The school board had previously communicated that the price was set by taking the total price of the land they purchased and dividing it by the usable acres on the property. There are approximately two acres of unusable ground on the property next to the river. They had asked that the county have the land appraised. They felt that the offer to the county was very fair given the market value of the land. The council appointed Member Nelson to work with the school district to negotiate a price agreeable to both parties. The offer to the school district was approved unanimously. Chuck Ulrich Ò Discuss upcoming audit Ulrich will be conducting the audit in the county this year. He requested that the county form an audit committee. This committee would consider audit findings not appropriate to discuss with department managers. Members Nelson, Kilmer, and Mathews were appointed to the committee. Employee Handbook changes Member Kippen recused herself as a county employee from this discussion. Last year the council passed an item to pay for time when employees are on call for snow removal and other similar duties. The item was approved unanimously with the assignment for Member Mathews and Mecham to work with staff to propose further changes that would clarify the conditions for payment of this on call rate. Blaine Breshears/Kevin Edwards Ò Design of new animal control/public safety facility Darrell Ericksen has volunteered to prepare the paperwork to begin the RFP process. He offered to donate his time to the county for this effort. The item was approved unanimously Alan Clark Ò Lease agreement for the Fairgrounds Clark is from Barefoot Tubing. He previously appeared before the council to request a lease of property next to the river for the use of his company. The council asked them to work with the Fairgrounds Advisory Board and county staff prior to a decision being made. The lease was approved with all in favor except Chairman Kelley who was in favor of the lease, but felt the item should be reviewed a final time by the planning commission to be in compliance with the current county code. Airport Advisory Board Ò Proposed Fees The fees are to recover the costs expended by the county for airport improvements. The proposed fees represent full repayment of the costs expended by the county from those leasing space for hangers at the airport. The fees were approved unanimously. Tina Kelley – UAC Letter regarding department of the interior letter The department of the interior is taking steps decrease state control and increase federal control of federal lands in the state. UAC has asked that each county send a letter to Representative Bishop to address this issue. The council approved sending the letter unanimously. Lyle Nelson Ò Regular agenda item to discuss the budget Nelson requested a regular discussion item in either the council meeting or the work meeting with the department heads on a monthly basis to discuss the budget. Approved Unanimously. Lyle Nelson Ò Establish a work meeting for all elected county officials to discuss items of importance across organizations Nelson proposed a meeting with department heads and elected officials to help with communication and coordination. The council agreed unanimously with this proposal and the meeting was set for the second council meeting of the month at 4:00 p.m. just prior to the council meeting. Lyle Nelson Ò Council Administrator Position See Rethinking the Council Administrator on Page 1 Don Mathews Ò Morgan County Property Management Plan The council adopted a form for county personnel to sign when they receive county equipment. This new form provides accountability from those receiving equipment for taking care of these items such as cell phones, iPads, etc. Ned Mecham Ò Snow Removal at the county courthouse Mecham reported that there is a problem with snow removal at the county offices. The snow removal crew that is tasked with removing snow from county roads is also tasked with removing snow at the county building. The large trucks and equipment are not ideally suited to small parking lots and time spent at the county building is time that could be spent on county roads. Roger Prescott removed snow from the county parking lots in the past and Mecham recommended that the work be given to him again. The council approved this unanimously, authorizing payment of $125 per storm and up to $20 for salt, when required.

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