Home Government City Council Notes January 25, 2011

City Council Notes January 25, 2011


Member Jeff Wardell was absent Resolution 11-06 Cell Phone Policy The city is changing the cell phone policy to govern employee use of cell phones. This is one of the cost saving measures the city is putting in place. The item passed unanimously North Morgan SID Agreement The agreement is between the city and Mount Joy LLC, the primary owner of property in North Morgan. The majority of the property owners were late on property taxes in the North Morgan SID, and the city moved to put them in foreclosure. The city has negotiated with the Mount Joy owners for them to make payments and keep the property out of foreclosure. The item passed unanimously. Citizen Comments David Preece attended the council. He is doing an Eagle project that will be a covered bench along the river walk with historical information. The mayor introduced him and he answered questions about his project. Don Anderson thanked council member Betz for her work on Commercial Street. Betz and her husband worked over the weekend to remove the window paintings from the holidays in preparation for the Browning celebration last week and this weekend.

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