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County Council Notes February 1


Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Howard Hansen, Donald Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Lyle Nelson, Ned Mecham, Robert Kilmer County Council Business Member Kilmer discussed the scheduling process for the Fair Grounds. It was decided that a night would be chosen for scheduling and this night would be advertised with public notice. Member Nelson visited the DATC to discuss economic development. He visited the entrepreneurial center and reported that he is supportive of working with them. He met with the Economic Development Council of Utah. He reported that the State of Utah is providing tax rebate incentives for businesses attracted to Utah. Member Mathews reported that he received a letter from Questar. They will be replacing sections of their natural gas pipeline in the county. The dates they have forecasted to begin are March 1st. During this time they will replace 1.8 miles of pipe between Stoddard and Morgan. It will continue for about six weeks. They will then work in Henefer including up the west slope into Round Valley. This work should be completed by about July. They will then move into the Peterson area. 3.2 miles will be replaced from the Whitear Rec center to the existing block valve near highway 92. There will be excavation as they do this work. They will be replacing topsoil and replacing the vegetation as they complete work. Mathews also reported that UDOT has scheduled an annual meeting in Morgan on Thursday March 31 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The meeting will be held in the county council room. It includes the county and city council. The public is invited to attend. Member Mathews expressed concern over actions by the state legislature considering closing courthouses. One of the ones being considered is the courthouse in Morgan. Mathews recommended a letter be drafted and sent to the county representatives in the state legislature. Member Kippen reported that the first Morgan Chamber of Commerce meeting will be held at the city building on February 10 at 7:00 p.m. Chairman Kelley reported that the Utah legislature is considering a bill that proposes to include counties adjacent to urban areas to be required to begin emission testing. See Emmissions Testing in Morgan on Page 1. County Purchase of Lands near the Fairgounds See County Council Makes Offer on Fair Grounds Land on page 1. Jeremy Archibald Ò Toner and Printer Maintenance Archibald reported on bids the county had received for toner and printer maintenance. The low bid saves the county approximately $200 per month over current costs. The contract was awarded to Les Olsen Company. The item was approved unanimously. Jerry Miller Ò East Canyon Water Quality Miller reported on water quality in the reservoir. Miller reported that the algae problem at East Canyon is significantly worse that the current state reports represent. Miller worked for the Bureau of Reclamation for many years and has studied the water quality issues at East Canyon. Miller asked the council to have greater involvement in the East Canyon Water Advisory board. He offered to provide information to the county and requested that the county invest in monitoring. He requested that the county consider using his services. He also provided a report to the county on water quality. The item was tabled unanimously with the action to review the information with the East Canyon Water Advisory Board. Public Hearing Ò Rezone Request by Dean and Linda Carver The Carvers are requesting a rezone from R-1/A-20 to RR-1. They have some RR-1 property and are looking to extend the boundary for the RR-1. The property is located in the Porterville/Richville area. They are looking to build a home and want to add to the RR-1 to build in ground better suited for the construction. The planning commission recommended that this request not be approved because the recommendation was not in line with the area plan, in their view. Public Hearing Debbie Sessions – Sessions expressed opposition to the rezone request. She recommended that the county consider an RR-2 zone. She expressed the view that houses set back further enhance the surroundings in the area. She would like to see this ability in the county and would like to see the county explore tools, like an RR-2, to accomplish this. Jeff Jones Ò Jones had been denied the ability to build his home further back. He expressed the view that the zoning not be changed, but would like to see flexibility be created to allow for homes to be constructed further from the road. Blaine Thackeral Ò Thackeral was on the area plan committee. He expressed the view that homes should be allowed to be moved further back from the road, but not increase the density of building in the area beyond that already approved. Jim Rasmussen Ò Rasmussen expressed that he would like to have the same flexibility as the Carvers are requesting if they are approved. Mark Evans Ò Evans commented that other houses have had to accommodate the geographic challenges of the area. He did not support the zoning change. Bill Holyoak Ò Holyoak expressed support for the project to move forward. He expressed that this should be an exception rather than a wholesale change for all homes in the area because of the unique geographic challenges on this lot. Matt Evans Ò Evans expressed concern that the county would ultimately take responsibility for the road on the property if the rezone request was approved. The Carvers spoke and indicated that the family is supportive of the zoning in the area. The family has faced many issues and has been in process of approval for more than a year. They expressed support for the zoning restriction of one house on the lot. He is concerned about whether they will be able to build on the lot without this zoning change. Member Kippen proposed that the item be tabled to allow staff to work with the Carvers to determine if the applicant would like to draft a development agreement for a rezone to a total of 1.9 acres. The development agreement would likely include a restriction on the parcel of only one home. The item was tabled with Member Kippen, Hansen, Mecham and Nelson in favor, members Mathews, Kelley and Kilmer opposed. Grant Crowell Ò Contract with Kimball Engineering for Supplemental Building Inspection The county has cut employees over the past three years and has reduced to only one building inspector. To accommodate varying workloads, vacation, and sick leave the county has been using outside contractors. The planning department is requesting a contract be approved with Kimball Engineering to provide these services. The planning department informed the council that they will be bringing forward, in the future, agreements with other individuals to provide this service as well. The county has $5,000 budgeted annually for this item. The contract was approved unanimously. Cottonwood Mutual Water Company/Gardner Cottonwood Creek LLCÒ Land Use Agreement See Clean Water in the Cottonwoods Takes a Step Forward on page 1. Sheriff Breshears Ò Law Enforcement Agreement with Morgan City The contract reduces the city agreement to only one deputy and changes the cost to reflect this lower level of commitment from the city. The contact was approved unanimously. Contract with United Recovery Group for collecting delinquent Approved unanimously. Ned Mecham Ò Funding Source for Public Safety Building Sheriff Breshears recommended, and the council agreed, that the council and the Sheriff’s office meet in a work session to discuss alternatives for the building.

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