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Emissions Testing in Morgan?


The Utah Legislature is considering a bill that would require emissions testing in Morgan. Utah House Bill number 96, if adopted, would require counties with a geographic boundary that is adjacent to a county required under federal law to utilize a motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program or in which an emissions inspection and maintenance program is necessary to attain any national ambient air quality standard shall comply with the provisions of this section[requiring emissions testing]. If this bill were adopted Morgan County residents would have the same requirement as Davis, Weber, Salt Lake, and other counties to perform emissions tests on their vehicles. Chairman Kelley spoke of this in the county council meeting on Tuesday and requested that the council draft a response to the Morgan representatives at the state legislature. If the citizens of Morgan County would like to contact their representatives, they are Mel Brown in the Utah House of Representatives. His email is melbrown@utah.gov The Morgan representative in the Senate is Allen Christensen. His email address is achristensen@utahsenate.org

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