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In November 19, 2010 FFA held a Greenhand night for all those students who have earned their Greenhand this year. At Greenhand night, half of the officers played games with the members who had just received their Greenhand. The other half, showed a power point to the parents about all the activities their kids will be doing in FFA. In order to get your Greenhand you need to memorize the creed, pass off the pledge of allegiance, plan a SAE, learn about the proper dress of the FFA, be in an Ag class, and learn the history of the FFA. Jessica Carter, Marissa Morgan, Tyson Spens, Mika Preece, Bryce Preece, Sara Clark, Kade Deardon, Sierra Wheelright, Alisha Barnett, Bailey Pfannerstill, Jake Cannon, Isaac Cannon, Sydnee Wixom, Nate Losee, Steven Krammer, Miranda Smith, and Arianna Rich are the students who have received this award. This is a very long and hard process. We applaud all those who have worked hard and received their Greenhands. We look forward to seeing all these participants enrolled in FFA in the upcoming years.

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