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City Council Notes – Feb 22, 2011


Brain Tumor Foundation Ò Ride for Kids Presentation See Ride for Kids Thanks City and Sheriff’s Department on this page. Sign Ordinance Amendment The ordinance will change the required acreage for two signs. The current requirement is 300 foot of frontage and a minimum of 3.5 acres. The amendment was approved unanimously to change the requirement and eliminate the minimum number of acres required. Electronic Message Signs Ordinance This is a recommendation from the planning commission to provide limitations on electronic signs. The recommendation from the planning commission was that signs must be ten feet above the ground, and placed limits on the messaging to reduce distraction for drivers. The ordinance was referred back to the planning commission to consider allowing ground level signs and eliminate the requirement to include ten percent of the message content as public service content. Historic District Development Regulations Ordinance See Morgan City Acts to Preserve Historic District on page 1 Transportation Element of General Plan This will modify the general plan to include changes to the roads in the city and the road designations. The city is adding locations for roads into the future. Approved unanimously Deer Hollow Retention Pond There is an existing retention pond that has sides with a slope too steep. The city is looking to fix the detention pond. There are several options being considered to correct the problem. The recommended problem would reduce the size of the pond to reduce the slope of the sides. The item was tabled so the city attorney could determine whether the project could be paid from the bond fund and have a discussion with the land owner on whose land the detention pond resides. Val’s Flowers Building Purchase See Entrepreneurial Center Coming to Morgan on Page 1

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