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Amazing Run Takes Trojans To Championship Game


It was an alumni reunion in the stands last Saturday night. Many Trojan fans made the trip to Salt Lake City to watch our Morgan boys basketball team play for the state 3A title. Everyone expected a close game but I don’t think anyone expected a 44 to 33 final score. The game started out a little rough. Morgan had two turnovers and missed an open shot to start the game. Wasatch didn’t look much better, missing on their first three attempts before hitting a jump shot to start the scoring. Saunders answered back by knocking down a long 2 pointer to tie the game. The Wasps scored the next 7 points, hitting a contested jump shot, draining a long 3 point shot and putting back an offensive rebound. It was late in the first quarter before Jed Rowlan put in another basket for Morgan bringing the score to 4-9 for the Wasps. Dallin Schenk ended the first quarter scoring, taking a pass from Brooks in the lane and hitting a short jump shot. At the end of one it was Morgan 6 Wasatch 9. Wasatch started with the ball in the second quarter and quickly got to the line, hitting 1 of 2, to extend their small lead. Morgan continued to miss shots which the Wasps took advantage of, scoring on their next three trips down the court. Wasatch took a 9 point lead, 6-15, before Tad Sargent was able to penetrate the defense and hit a layup. Jake Miles grabbed a defensive board and threw a long outlet pass to Brooks for 2 more. Wasatch answered with a long 2 point jumper before the commercial break bringing the score to 10-17 for the Wasps with 3:44 to play in the second. After the commercial break it was missed shots and turnovers for both teams. Casey Evans hit his first 2 points with 1:28 left in the first half, talking a nice pass from Jared Brooks on a fast break play. Wasatch was only able to hit one foul shot in the last 3:44 of the first half but after two quarters still had the lead, 12-18. Tad Sargent started the third quarter by driving the lane and drawing a foul. He hit 2 of 2 from the line and narrowed the Wasps lead to 4. But Wasatch caught a little groove and scored the next 5. Morgan, now trailing 14-22, stepped up the defense, only allowing the Wasps to score 2 more points the rest of the quarter. Some shots finally starting falling for the Trojans, Evans hit a 3, Saunders grabbed an o-board and put it back for 2. Brooks and Schenk both hit jump shots and bringing the score at the end of the third quarter to Morgan 23 Wasatch 24. The Trojan fans found some hope again and it looked like our boys might pull it off after all. You could almost cut the tension in the room at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The two pep bands were banging out war beats, fans were on their feet and the jumbotron showed nothing but determined faces. Wasatch was able to hit on their first two possessions, a layup in the lane and then a long jumper for 2. Evans knocked down another 3, bringing the game to within 3. Then it was the Wasps driving the lane twice in row extending their lead to six. Evans was fouled on the shot and put in 2 of 2 from the line before the stadium again paused for commercial break. With 3:58 left to play it was a 4 point ball game. The players took the floor for the finale, Dallin Schenk drew a foul and went to the line. He hit 2 of 2 and pulled the Trojans within 2. Wasatch moved the ball looking to regain control of the game. They were able to draw fouls four different times, getting to the line and making it count. It was now 30-38 with one minute remaining. Evans was able hit a 3 point shot to pull the Trojans back within 5. But it was not enough. With time running out the Trojans were forced to foul to stop the clock and Wasatch continued to hit from the line. The final score was Morgan 33 Wasatch 44 Morgan played great defense and gave them selves several opportunities to take the lead. But only shooting 29% from the field and turning the ball over nearly twice as much as the Wasps spelled a loss for the Trojans. Casey Evans was Morgans high scorer with 13 points, he also grabbed 7 boards and blocked 2 shots. Jared Brooks grabbed 10 rebounds and lead the Trojans with 4 assists. The Morgan Trojans Boys Basketball team still walks away Region Champs and 2nd in the state, no small accomplishment! Thanks for the great season boys!

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