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FFA is a National Organization; people all around the world are involved in FFA. In 1947, the National FFA first started Nation FFA week, National FFA week was started to help promote the FFA. In order to celebrate National FFA week the Morgan FFA does many things. One of the things we do is we have crazy dress up days. When all the students see the FFA kids dressed up, we want them to think, Look how much fun they are having, we should join the FFA! Another one of the activities we do is a teacher appreciation day. Teachers don’t get appreciated very often and without teachers in the school, there would be no school. We also have fun activities going on during lunch to show the school how much fun you can have in the FFA. During this week the Morgan FFA will do a service activity, service is always needed. Fun interesting facts are usually posted up all around Morgan High School to show what cool stuff you could learn by being in the FFA. At the end of the week, the Morgan FFA holds a leadership conference which they call Morgan Leadership Conference. Usually what happens at a leadership conference is the officers will have a workshop that will help the FFA members and future FFA members learn to be a leader. It also helps them get involved in the FFA, and have a little fun.

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