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Hill Aerospace Museum Chapel Renamed


HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah Ò The Hill Aerospace Museum Chapel will assume a new name during a ceremony here at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 11. The event is free and open to the public. The museum chapel will be renamed the Col. Nathan H. Mazer Memorial Chapel, in honor of retired Col. Nathan Mazer who made significant contributions to the museum, the chapel and Hill AFB, prior to his passing in 2006. Patrick Meighan, grandson of Col. Mazer, will commence the event with introductory remarks. Jack Price, Vice Chairman of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, and Hill Aerospace Museum Chairman and retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Marc Reynolds will also speak at the event. Mayor Steve Curtis of Layton and Mayor Don Wood of Clearfield will also be in attendance. Colonel Mazer was drafted into the Army in 1941 and retired from the Air Force in 1964. After retiring, his first job as a civilian was at Hill AFB with TRW, a major contractor for the Minuteman missile system. He later became a local civic leader as the Director of Business Generation for Ogden and helped develop the Ogden Business Park, and was one of the first Chairmen of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, helping to build the world-class Hill Aerospace Museum. March 11 marks the centennial anniversary of Col. Mazer’s birth. His daughter, Harriet Mazer, thinks the dedication of the chapel on this day makes the moment particularly special. He would have been so pleased with this wonderful birthday gift of respect from his family, friends, military and all the folks at the museum and the chapel, Ms. Mazer said. I am so proud on my father’s behalf that all his hard work, persistence and perseverance for more than 20 years working on this labor of love will be celebrated with his name memorialized on the chapel.

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