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Morgan City Enacts New Solicitors Ordinance


In a move to protect citizens from fraudulent solicitations, Morgan City adopted an update to the code governing solicitors. We have had a lot of complaints about solicitors, said councilmember Shelly Betz. The new code brings the city into alignment with state law, but also adds requirements allowed by state and federal law. The city is required to allow solicitors, but may place requirements on them. The new requirements include: 1. The organization must be a verifiable company registered with the state of Utah. 2. The organization and individuals involved must answer a questionnaire that includes questions about whether the person has been convicted of a crime, is currently charged with a crime, or has been convicted of a felony. If any of the answers are affirmative the individual and/or company is denied a permit. 3. The individuals must provide a document from the BCI (The Bureau of Criminal Identification) showing any criminal history. If the individual has a criminal history the permit will be denied. The city would like residents to be aware that registered solicitors will have a badge issued from the city. If a solicitor comes to a resident’s door without a badge from the city residents are asked to notify the Sheriff’s office, who will take action to stop the solicitation. The solicitation ordinance does not effect non-profit organizations. Solicitors are only required to register if they are selling a product that requires sales tax to be collected.

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