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School District Implements New Maturation Curriculum


In the school district meeting on Tuesday the school board adopted a new maturation curriculum. A group consisting of school representatives and parents has been studying maturation programs across the state in an effort to build the best program for Morgan. The results of their study and work were presented in the school board meeting and approved to be implemented. The curriculum includes a separate presentation for girls and boys. The girl’s presentation focuses primarily on physical changes including breast development, hair growth, sweat and oil gland development, acne, and menstruation. It provides practical advice on how to manage the changes related to menstruation and what happens during the cycle. It provides insight into how to maintain cleanliness and recognizes normal emotional changes such as the need for privacy, mood swings, and other normal changes associated with development. The boys program is a review of changes in many aspects of the boy’s lives, including mental, social, emotional, and physical. It discusses issues related to growth, brain development, reproductive development and what to expect as a result of this development. It also reviews emotional changes that often accompany the physical changes. As with the girl’s program it provides practical advice on cleanliness, acne, and other personal issues. Both programs end with a reminder that the youth have the choice to be happy, be kind, and be themselves. Neither of the programs discusses sexual relations, sexual choices, or sexual values. The program leaves these discussions to parents and religious or other appropriate leaders.

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