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County Council Notes March 15, 2011


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Robert Kilmer, Ned Mecham, and Lyle Nelson Council Business: Member Kilmer Ò Clean up day at the fair grounds is April 16. The cleanup will start at 8:00 a.m. Member Nelson – Spoke with the State of Utah fleet management. They can provide the county access to real time data on the fleet. Member Kippen – Reported that the Chamber of Commerce will be electing the officials this Wednesday at their meeting. Chairman Kelley reported that West Nile Virus has been found in the state. The county is requesting that residents eliminate pools of stagnant water be addressed so that the mosquito population can be controlled as much as possible. Public Comment Ò Max Robinson lives in the West end of Mountain Green. He is concerned about the Whisper Ridge subdivision. He voiced problems with the road going into the subdivision. He feels that the grade of the road is too steep. He also reported that individuals are speeding along this road. Dennis Baldwin Ò Manholes and Sewer Lines Baldwin is the administrator for the Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District. There are 500 manholes and 20 miles of underground piping in the sewer district area. The district maintains manholes and sewer lines in the area. They regularly inspects manholes, piping, and puts rings on manholes. The district is requesting an agreement with the county that they can maintain the manholes with only verbal communication to the county road department. The county asked the Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District to draft and bring back a franchise agreement to allow them to inspect manholes, sewer lines, and manhole covers with written (email) approval from the road supervisor. The vote was unanimous. Chairman Kelley abstained because she is a member of the board for the district. Grant Crowell Ò Status of Whisper Ridge Two years ago the project was put into the warranty period. The warranty period has lapsed. Improvement items are outstanding and the developer has not been in contact with the county. Building permits are not being issued. Crowell recommended that the county approach the bonding company and talk with them about the critical items that need to be completed. The county’s remedy is to terminate the development agreement, however that may not be to the county’s advantage. Grant Crowell Ò Appointing New Member to the Planning Commission See Hales Appointed to Planning Commission on this page. Charlie Ewert Ò Public Hearing for subdivision amendment for the D&L Carver and K&K Adams Subdivision The proposal is to change the property ownership . There are three lots in the subdivision. The amendment was approved unanimously. Robert Kilmer – 4th of July Celebration donation of $1,500 The county has donated to the celebration in the past. Chairman Kelley commented in the last meeting that her understanding was that it was a one time only donation last year only. The city has traditionally donated $500. The county pays for the fireworks in addition to this donation. Council members requested that in the future the request be submitted in advance so that it could be included in the budget and that the request be accompanied by a breakdown of expenditures. The donation was approved unanimously. Airport Advisory Board Ò Contract with Questar This contract will provide gas service to the hangers. As the hangers are leased the county will recover the money spent in establishing this service. The contract was approved unanimously. Jann Farris Ò Annual Open Meetings Training Farris provided training to the council on rules governing open meetings. Animal Control Building See Proposed New County Building Comes Full Circle on this page. Work Discussion on Parks See Sparks over Parks on Page 7

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