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Flooding Season is Here


A few days before Christmas last year, Peterson Creek flooded in Peterson and we reported on it. We showed a photo of John Rock next to the creek and the damage the flooding caused. Wednesday afternoon the rains came and the flooding started. Around six p.m. Peterson Creek started flooding and soon Morgan Valley Drive was shut down and tractors and backhoes came to help, along with neighbors, friends, and church members. The rain continued until about one a.m. Thursday morning and the flooding came under control. Over 100 people came to help clean up, fill and move sand bags and get the flooding under control. I asked one resident how long they had lived in a house that was flooding, and she told me 38 years. I asked her if she had ever seen this kind of flooding, and she quickly stated, never!. There was also flooding in other areas of the county. A road was flooded out in Mountain Green, and some flooding in Stoddard, Milton, Porterville, and Richville were also reported. As the weather is warming, the snow will melt, and residents of Morgan County need to be on the lookout for more flooding.

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