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Lions Club Basketball Tournament Results


This year’s Lions Clup 8th grade tournament featured one boys team from Morgan and two girls team from Morgan. The boys team was coached by Mitch Ross. The girls coaches were Rhonda Carter, her team won the girls division, and Clark Blazzard. Final Standings Boys 1. Snowcrest- Champions (They won the championship game 52-50) 2. Evanston 3. North Summit 4. Morgan Girls 1. Morgan (Carter team) 2. Ogden 3. Morgan (Blazzard team) 4. Snowcrest Leading Scorers Boys Cameron Smith North Summit 32 Bridger Streadbeck Morgan 27 Alek Johnson Evanston 25 Jared Dickson Snowcrest 22 Thatcher Bailey Snowcrest 20 Carson Richins North Summit 18 Jaxon Porter Snowcrest 18 Rhett Dilrhee Evanston 17 Chase Cook Evanston 17 Dillon Gilpin Evanston 14 Ryan McMichail North Summit 12 Garet Stokes Morgan 11 Boys All Stars Cameron Smith NS Bridger Streadbeck M Jared Dickson S Dillon Gilpin E Ryan McMichael NS Alex Johnson E Most Valuable Player- Thatcher Bailey Snowcrest Girls Kelsey Anderson Ogden 36 Shelbee Molen Ogden 32 Savanna Brooks Morgan (Carter) 29 Jessica Carter Morgan (Carter) 26 Hannah Shore Morgan (Blazzard) 21 Samantha Failiga Morgan (Blazzard) 16 Kennedy Gibson Morgan (Carter) 15 Lizzie Peterson Morgan (Carter) 14 Rani Hadley Ogden 11 Brooke Kendell Snowcrest 10 Skylee Schenck Snowcrest 9 Jaiden Farr Morgan (Blazzard) 9 Girls All Stars Hannah Shore M (Blazzard) Kelsey Anderson O Jessica Carter M (Carter) Skylee Schenck S Shelbee Molen O Most Valuable Player Savanna Brooks M (Carter) This was a great tournament, with good attendance. Good Kids! The Lions Club is happy to provide the tournament for over 60 years, making it one of the oldest in Utah. Lion’s President Al Grasteit and vice president George Francis presented trophies and metals to the players.

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