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Proposed New County Building Comes Full Circle


The discussion continues on whether the county ought to build a facility to replace the animal control building currently rented from veterinarian, Dr Lott. It also seems that the project has come full circle. The previous council approved a $600,000, low interest bond, to fund the construction of an animal shelter and storage space for the Sheriff’s department. The county was able to obtain a low interest rate because of current market conditions. The request was then made by the former Sheriff to review whether the entire Sheriff’s office could be accommodated in this new building to relieve space problems in the county building. As the plans were reviewed, it began to seem unlikely that a building sufficient to house the entire Sheriff’s office could be constructed for under $600,000. In council meeting on Tuesday, Sheriff Breshears requested that the scope of the project be reduced back to the original idea, however, with a four bay storage garage instead of one bay. There was mixed support by the council for moving forward. Most council members wanted to move to the next step and evaluate costs. Member Mecham expressed the view that this was not the right time to be spending money in this way. Member Kelley continued to express the need for additional space to relieve the pressure in the county building. She thought that it might be possible to construct the needed facility for the $600,000 approved bond. The decision from the council directed Sheriff Breshears to bring back drawings and cost information for the requested facility by the next meeting. The council will then review the costs and determine how, or whether, to proceed.

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