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Comcast Stops Service in Morgan


In a letter to current customers Comcast notified those receiving service that they would soon not be available. The cable provider will be discontinuing services on May 15. Comcast has supplied a low cost alternative for customers unable to receive the signal from the county maintained antennae system as well as a full range of premium television service to customers in the county. The county council recently discussed the repeater service operated by the county since some of the equipment is expensive and may need replacement at any time. Concern was expressed by some council members about whether this was a service the county should provide. Former Chairman Creager who was attending the meeting and who has maintained the site in the past expressed the view that this was a very important service the county provides. He further commented that the investment made by the county provides access that otherwise would not be affordable to some residents. The decision by Comcast will underscore Creager’s words. Comcast has had few subscribers in the valley , reportedly less than 100, and the revenue from the small number of customers did not justify the costs of continuing services to the valley. In the letter to current subscribers Comcast mentioned Dish Network and DirectTV as alternatives. Both of these services are available in Morgan, but neither provides a low cost service for only local channels that was one of the Comcast options. Comcast has been extending its service offerings to customers in other areas over the past few years, adding digital phone and Internet services as a part of its bundled products. These additional services were never brought to Morgan. Comcast has communicated that it will provide two months of free service to customers to help them with the transition. For some customers, however, the only alternative will be a full package of channels from one of the satellite providers, or to go without television. Some areas of the county do not receive service from the county’s television repeater and therefor cannot receive the over the air digital signal.

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