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How about getting together to talk about bus service? How about on May 3rd at 1:00 or 5:00 p.m.? People in Morgan County have been talking about busses for a long time. Not about the cost or the schedule. Not about accessible lifts and door to door pickups. Not even about the lack of bus passes. Mostly they say I sure wish we had the bus to get us around town and to meetings. I heard this from several people last Wednesday at the Food Bank Drop off at the Library. Good neighbors and friends brought people to the site, or picked up a friend’s box that couldn’t make the trip. People with disabilities living in Morgan County have a double whammy. Many don’t drive and are low income. They often end up stranded at home for lack of a better option. Forced isolation is bad for the soul. Tri- County Independent Living Center is a Resource and Advocacy Center for people with disabilities. Independent Living Centers nationwide have been champions of disability issues since the early 60’s,when civil rights in California regarding transportation became headlines. Morgan County has a population of about 4,600. It was 3,700 in 2009. Census figures show that about 14% of any group population has a disability of some sort, including birth defects, mental illness ,learning and physical disabilities and just plain aging. If you do the math, about 644 people in Morgan County may have a reason to need reliable, safe transportation. That’s not to mention kids going to the park, or over to Steph’s for ice cream on a Saturday. It may not count the countless trips Mom and Dad are making to deliver kids over to the school for soccer practice, or basketball or baseball. This might make a case for talking more about bus service in Morgan County. Bus Conversation meetings have been scheduled for May 3rd at 1:00pm and 5:00 pm at the Morgan Library, in the Community Room. Mark your calendars and plan to bring your opinions and ideas to this Bus Talk meeting sponsored by Tri-County ILC in Ogden. Contact: Saundra Hansen, Outreach Coordinator Tri County ILC 801-317-2862 bized1@msn.com

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