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County Council Notes April 5, 2011


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Robert Kilmer, Ned Mecham Absent: Member Lyle Nelson Council Business: Member Kippen Ò Parks board has been reorganized, Karen Sunday is the new president, Mark Devoe is now vice president, Lyletta Searle is secretary. Amy Clark is the new president of the Cottonwood Park. Karen Sunday is the president of the Enterprise Park. The Chamber of Commerce is awaiting more members before they form a board. Member Mathews Ò The County purchased a new access point that will allow public Internet access for those attending county council meetings. He also reported that the food bank would like to thank the Boy Scouts for the food drive they conducted. Member Hansen reported that the county has taken delivery of the new brush truck. Member Mecham reported that Wasatch Front Integrated Waste has renewed their energy agreement with HAFB which saves 2.5 to 3 million dollars in waste disposal cost. The waste facility operates a waste incinerator that burns the solid waste and generates steam for use in generating energy for the Air Force Base. Member Kilmer reported that the bid process has begun for the heating system in the county building. Member Kelley expressed thanks to all those who responded to help with the flooding situation. 300-400 individuals volunteered their time. She also indicated that the county has received two applicants for the appeal authority position and communicated that a selection board needs to be formed. Chairman Kelley, Member Hansen and Member Kilmer were appointed to this board. Public Comment Ò Terry TurnerÒ Turner, who is the emergency services director for the county communicated that individuals are asking for sand bags. He wanted the council and the public to be aware that unless an individual is in danger of imminent flooding there will be no sand bags provided from the county. Individuals who feel they are in imminent danger and wish to request sand bags should contact Turner. Individuals are not authorized to use vehicles to work in streams or other areas without permission from Turner. Doug Miner Ò Miner is concerned about limited Internet bandwidth in the county. Expressed the view that this will have increasing importance in the future for the county. Kip Adams Ò Adams expressed support for the ordinance the council was considering to update an ordinance effecting building in the Porterville area. Debbie Sessions Ò Thanked to the council for flood response and particularly to Councilmember Mecham who responded to her call. She also expressed support of the flood tax account being reestablished and the money in the capital improvement fund being moved to a separate fund. She encouraged the council to be cautious in how they use impact fees. She also expressed that impact fees may not be utilized to pay for school or school facility expansions. Robert Kilmer/Bonnie Thomson Ò Transfer Flood Money Into Flood Fund There were originally two flood funds in the county. One fund was eliminated and the money transferred into the capital improvement fund at the recommendation of the county auditor. There is approximately $280,000 that was moved to the capital improvement fund from the flood fund. Thomson expressed that it would be clearer to have the money delineated in its own account. The Treasurer was directed to work with the auditor to bring back a recommendation as to the disposition of the fund. The motion passed unanimously. Parkinson Awareness Day and Month April 11 was designated in the County as World Parkinson Disease Awareness Day and April as World Parkinson Disease Awareness Month unanimously by the county. Rick Bardole Ò Adjustment of Property Tax Bardole indicated that he did not receive the tax notice and he was classified as a nonresident when property taxes were assessed. The council approved refunding the tax payment to Bardole due since he is a county resident. Kelly Wright Ò Morgan Education Foundation Ò Proposal Regarding Impact Fees See Trojan Center Gets Only Personal Donation at Council Meeting on page 1. Charles Ewert Ò Temporary Use Permit for Construction Offices and Equipment A proposal was presented to allow Snelson to locate a staging facility for construction projects they are doing in the area. The site is off highway 30 just outside Mountain Green. The permit was approved unanimously. Public Hearing Ò Ordinance CO-11-05, Minimum Lot Size in the RR-1 Zoning District Over the past few months there have been several discussions in the council meeting about where houses may be built in RR-1 lots in the Porterville area. This item was again discussed and an ordinance considered. The ordinance was held for the next meeting because the council deadlocked 3 to 3 and member Nelson was absent from council meeting. Grant Crowell Ò Ordinance CO-11-04 Ò Cash Escrow Requirements to Protect Public Improvements This ordinance creates the code to support the county’s existing process of requiring cash escrow to be placed with the county. It was approved unanimously. Grant Crowell Ò Resolution CR-11-06 Ò Planning and Development Service Fees The fees in the county for development services have become out of date. Crowell presented new fees to help recoup the costs incurred when processing applications, doing building inspections, and other services. The new fees passed unanimously. Robert Kilmer Ò Status and Location of Personnel at the Fair Grounds and Ronda Kippen Ò Building and Grounds Supervisor The council decided to combine these two positions into one supervisor and crew that would have responsibility for maintenance and upkeep at the Fairgrounds and the county parks. Ronda Kippen Ò Budget Resolution CR-11-07 Ò Funds For A Sidewalk in the Milton Park to Bring It Into Compliance with the American with Disabilities Act Requirements The funding was approved unanimously. Fairgrounds Board Ò Request for Money From the Economic Development Fund for Purchase of a Tractor and Bleachers There are a number of items that need maintenance at the Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds board was asking for additional money for bleachers and to purchase a tractor. The council had considered a tractor purchase in the budgeting process and determined that the county could not afford the expense this year. The council determined to add $2,000 to the fairgrounds budget to purchase larger bleachers, and agreed to reconsider whether they could find the money for the purchase of a tractor. The fairgrounds board also wanted to remind the community that April 16 is volunteer day at the fairgrouds. Individuals wanting to participate should bring gloves rakes, and shovels.

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