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School District Prepares Disaster Help


In the Tuesday night meeting the school board authorized the superintendent to utilize the High School Students to help in the case of a disaster. Superintendent Adams reported that he had met with individuals from the reservoirs in the area as well as emergency personnel from the county who had reported on the state of flooding in the area and he wanted to be prepared to act if flooding occurred again this year. The district has a stockpile of sand and sandbags to help with flooding. The students would be provided the opportunity to fill sandbags on school property if the county declared an emergency. The high levels of moisture remaining in the mountains as well as saturated ground have created the potential for flooding in Morgan. There is no immediate threat of flooding, but if temperatures were to rise and snow melt faster than anticipated then flooding would be very possible. The reservoirs are currently releasing at a level that the rivers can accommodate. The preparation is on the heals of flooding that occurred only a few weeks ago. There was also flooding last year in the county. For students, should the opportunity arise, it is a good opportunity to learn service first hand in a safe, supervised environment.

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