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County Council Notes April 19, 2011


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Robert Kilmer, Ned Mecham, Lyle Nelson Council Business: Ronda Kippen Ò An individual wants to open a snow cone shack. They would need a conditional use permit. This process requires about a two months. Member Kippen would like to see the process change to an administrative process. She also reported that the forth of July is having John Schmidt perform. May 12, 7 p.m. they are holding auditions in the auditorium. Cindy McMillin for times and schedules. The chamber of commerce meeting is at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. Lyle Nelson Ò Indicated that he is requesting a change to title one chapter eight of the County Code. Also is looking for ways to manage the county fleet better. He attended the Utah Association of Counties conference. He is looking to develop transportation options for the county and is meeting with the Mayor to coordinate with the city. Robert Kilmer reported that the fairgrounds cleanup was on Friday. They had a light turnout from the rain. This may be rescheduled. Member Hansen thanked those who helped with the flooding. Terry Turner Ò NIMS Training Ò National Incident Management System Ò See County Takes Steps to Improve Flood Organization Efforts on this page. Grant CrowellÒ County Ordinance CO-11-06 Ò County code pertaining to lots located in two or more zoning districts This item was a 3-3 vote in the last council. The requested change provides more flexibility for the landowner to locate the home where they would choose without increasing density in the area. The ordinance was approved with Chairman Kelley and Members Kippen, Hansen, and Nelson in favor. Members Mathews, Mecham, and Kilmer were opposed. Grant Crowell Ò Planning Commission By-Laws This item approved an update to the bylaws of the planning commission. The council approved the bylaw changes unanimously. Sheriff Breshears Ò Animal Control Building See Controversy Over County Animal Control Building Continues on this page. William Warner Ò Bridge and Flooding in Mountain Green at Gordon Creek Warner asked the council to take action on Gordon Creek and the flooding situation related to the creek. When the Interstate was built dry creek and Gordon Creek were impacted. The culverts under the interstate were not large enough to handle water at peak levels. The state subsequently increased the size of the culverts under the interstate. The Gordon Creek bridge continues to have problems. Warner met with the county engineer last year. Warner expressed the view that the county needs a new bridge and that residents need to be educated about regulations surrounding streambeds in the county. Warner is asking that the county council write a letter expressing support for a new bridge over Gordon Creek. He is also asking that the county proactively educate residents of the county in streambed regulations. Jonathan Springmeyer/Lyle Nelson Ò Economic Development Direction for the County Boneville Research presented a proposal for economic development activities for the county and city. The council approved a work session to determine economic development direction for the county. Tina Kelley Ò Member to Serve on a Nominating Commission for Morgan City Justice Court The council decided to advertise for applicants for this position. Don Mathews Ò County Personal Property Policy The council added to the employee handbook an item that discourages the use of personal property and makes the employee responsible for any personal items damaged, lost or stolen. The item was passed with all in favor except Member Kippen. Member Kilmer was absent for this vote. Don Mathews Ò Additional Money For Bleachers at the Fairgrounds The item was approved unanimously. Member Kilmer was absent for this vote. Don Mathews Ò Costs for On Call Employees Overtime The item was approved unanimously. Member Kilmer was absent for this vote. Don Mathews Ò Funding for Questar Service At the Airport Approved unanimously. Member Kilmer was absent for this vote.

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