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Morgan County Republicans Elect New Leadership at Organizing Convention


The Morgan County Republican party elected new county officers at a well attended organizing convention on April 9 at the Morgan County Courthouse Auditorium. Outgoing president, Larry Hatch, expressed thanks to the party’s delegates for turning out in very nearly perfect attendance. It was the county delegates who cast the votes that put the new slate of officers in their respective positions. Lars Birkeland of Mountain Green replaced Hatch as party chair. He will serve a two year term. Hatch said he felt it was time for new blood and new energy to take the helm of the party. Hatch told The Morgan County News that One of my main political tenets is that no elected official should stay in office more than a few years. Everybody should be willing to serve for awhile and then voluntarily step aside so someone else can take his or her turnĀ. Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell was in attendance at the convention and spoke to the assembly while the first round of ballots was being counted. Mr. Bell expressed high praise for the many years of good government by Utah’s political leaders. Because of sound forward thinking by our executives and legislators, Utah is on a firm financial footing and is not in the dire straits that many states are experiencing. Several other elected leaders were also present and were given time to speak during the breaks between county party candidate’s speeches. Mel Brown’s comments were very upbeat about how things look in Utah in spite of the downturn in the economy. Brenda Nelson, our Morgan County Recorder, expressed thanks for the great support and cooperation her department gets from the people who use the services provided by the recorder’s office. Dana Dickson, who is the Secretary of the Utah Republican State Party and his wife were very complimentary about the way the convention and election were carried out and expressed how much they enjoyed the whole event. Bill Shaw served as chief judge of the election and was assisted by his wife Kathleen, as well as Perry Clark and Dan Edwards in making sure that the balloting process was done fairly and efficiently. In addition to the office of party chairman, there were four other positions filled: Vice Chairman, Alan Turner; Secretary, Tina Cannon; Treasurer, Bret Haney and the county’s third member of the Utah State Central Committee, Pam Smith. Bret Haney was the only officer elected who had served in the former cadre’. He had served as Secretary in the previous group of party executives.

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